Bigger is better in America and that goes for flavour, too. New York style pizza, doughnuts, delis, burgers and fried chicken, American eats are the benchmark when considering “comfort food”. We found five totally radical American-style eateries so your next food adventure is as easy as pie. Mmm, pie.

Late Night Diner reviewed by Helene R.

There aren’t enough American diner-style eateries round these parts in my opinion, but one near me that is pretty perfect is the Late Night Diner on Ponsonby Road. The menu isn’t all the usual diner fare, but it is very much present in dishes like popcorn grits, the Reuben sandwich and the meaty goodness that is the cheese and bacon burger. Diner food taken up a notch, and with a well stocked bar to keep things humming.

Besos Latinos Restaurante reviewed by Alix W.

The first time I went to Besos Latinos was just after I came back to NZ from South America - and it was great. They had all the traditional cocktails, and most of the traditional cuisine - including Epanadas. I was stoked! So I went back there and had my birthday party and it was AWESOME! They baked me a special birthday cake, and gave me and my table sombreros to wear - ideal. I had a wonderful time and would go back in a heart beat.

Miss Clawdy reviewed by Jen M.

Miss Clawdy brings Southern food to Auckland City! The food was delicious and staff were attentive. Tried the jerk chicken, fish and pork tacos and hushpuppies (deep fried cornbread) and for dessert we had the key lime pie and peach and rhubarb crumble with eggnog (yum!) And the cherry lemonade was refreshing. Definitely coming back here again.

Orleans reviewed by Sarah M.

I had heard about this little place a few weeks before it opened and let me tell you now, I had really high expectations. A friend and I swung by on the second night they were open and my oh my I have found my new favourite Saturday night spot. I have never been to New Orlean’s but if the bars are anything like this then put me on a plane because I need to check them out. This place has a vibe that you will find no where else in Auckland, there is everything to love about Orleans.

Federal Delicatessen reviewed by Toyah A.

This place gets a 10 out of 10 for style. The interior's been fitted out to perfection and the old school diner uniforms are the icing on the cake. Get the roast cauliflower salad and fries with gravy and cheese curd and wash it down with a housemade soda pop! Drink its bubbly sugary goodness by itself, or have it in the highly recommended form of a cocktail.