Whether it's the pickle, smoked jalapeno sauce or a double-serving of halloumi, there's always that one ingredient that'll tip you over the edge. In a good way. Well, most of the time. Regardless of the sometimes messy aftermath, we love them burgers and we'll always go back for seconds. And thirds. And when we break to come up for air, it appears another burger shack has popped up just around the corner from the last. With so many new hot-spots popping up left, right and centre, we wanted to take a fresh look at the Kiwi burger scene. We've gathered our favourites from across the country - make sure to take notes so you can plan em' into your next burger fuelled road-trip. (subliminal promo pun not intended)

Bidz Takeaways reviewed by Judy A.

Quality, well-priced takeaway fare with big portions, and they'll even batter and cook up your fresh catch for you.

Eurasia Gourmet Takeaways reviewed by Ari

I’m a regular at Eurasia Gourmet Takeawys in Taupo. These guys have a real old school feel to their takeaway offerings - good traditional kiwi fish and chips, but at the same time , awesome Chinese food, and some top notch burgers. I’m a total sucker for their kumara chips - probably not the best for my winter waistline!

The Lazy Graze Cafe reviewed by Robin R.

Whenever we are passing through this is our go to coffee shop. It's a great place to stop off and grab a delicious coffee and a snack. Everything is made in store fresh everyday and the staff are always friendly!

Burger Burger reviewed by Johnny P.

Yes, you guessed it. The new guy that’s been causing all the fuss. You’ve probably heard by now about how incredible the burgers are at this Ponsonby favourite. Every option has achieved peak delicious. One of each kind of beast trapped in pillowy bread, with house-made sauces and extras. You know how good meats can be, and these are exemplary representatives of their species. It’s what’s wrapped around those fillings that I found most striking: about as perfect a burger bun as I’ve ever come across. Buttery and toasted from the grill-top, airy and soft so your fillings don’t spill out with every bite, yet strong enough to hold together till the end without getting soggy or making you feel like you’ve eaten a bagel’s-worth of wheat. If you’ve had enough burgers you’ll know how important those wheaty bookends can be - they can make or break a burger despite the quality of the fillings, and these quality fillings are thankfully elevated by a bun that knows its job. And if after all of that you’re still strong enough to reject gluten, these chefs will hollow out a cos lettuce and nestle your burger ingredients in there so they’re all cuddled up in a crispy green parcel. I would be going to Burger Burger for those buns alone though if I weren’t already going for the potato skins. You think you’ve tasted the best that a potato can be, but you haven’t yet tasted perfection till you’ve had Burger Burger’s potato skins. I’m guessing they must get gifted extra skins from the neighbouring restaurants because there’s no way they’re getting through all the potato innards this treat is leaving behind. Crispy little curls of golden potato, full of that earthier potato-skin flavour and nestled in beside a glistening little pool of truffle aioli. I probably cried a little the first time I had these. That’s how you know it’s true love.

Big J's Takeaways reviewed by Johnny P.

Well worth the trip to Mt Wellington, Big J’s is a classic neighbourhood burger joint. Beef makes friends with the likes of cheese, bacon, and mushrooms, and there are a couple of chicken and fish options on the menu too. All reassuringly what you’d expect, until you get to the special of the week. Announced weekly on their Facebook page, the guys at Big J’s clearly put a lot of thought into the creations they unveil, which have included inspired combos like thai beef with crispy noodles, rosemary lamb with kumara chips, and chicken with wild mushroom ragout. If you’re looking for well-made standard options and an exciting weekly wildcard then look no further than Big J’s.

Better Burger reviewed by Johnny P.

For a dependable burger joint that’s open late, Better Burger in Britomart has its act together. You can get a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a double cheeseburger, or a vegeburger, and adding hand-cut fries and a soda will set you back not much over ten dollars. No fancy extras, just a well-made burger with quality ingredients every time.

Fox & Ferret Riccarton reviewed by Keith E.

One of the better inner-city places to drink (and dine) spots in CHCH, The Fox Riccarton sort of has become this by default after the earthquakes, and while the beer is on the pricier side, the free viewing of some local talent cannot be ignored. Best avoid business meetings or intimate dinners there on Friday and Saturday nights.

Velvet Burger reviewed by Kylie B.

This is one of the newer Velvet Burger establishments and it has quickly become a popular burger joint in Christchurch. I like the fact that Velvet Burger do mini burgers (about three-quarters of the size of their regular offering) so that if you have a smaller appetite, you can still indulge in burger goodness. My favourite is the mini Velvet Burger with a vension pattie.

Fergburger reviewed by Maria R.

World famous in New Zealand, Fergburger is seriously good. The line may stretch way outside the door from morning until tonight here, but the wait is worth it.

Grill Meats Beer reviewed by Alice H.

Grill Meats Beer is a relative newcomer to the upper Cuba St scene, but early indications are that it’s definitely one to watch. As for its specialty, the clues are in its name: it’s a grill bar that specialises in meat – sausages, ribs, burgers, steaks, you name it. There is also beer. Perhaps, on balance, not somewhere you’d take your vegetarian friend.

Monterey reviewed by Johnny P.

Monterey - they’re like that kid at school that’s good at everything who you get uber jealous of, but once you get chatting they’re actually really cool and super lovely so you want to hang out with them all the time and learn from them. Monterey’s burgers are an easy choice for second, their popularity and flavour is only just out-done by Ekim. It’s creations like the house smoked snapper, red pepper and tartare sauce burger that had them oh so close to first place, it’s even tempting to put them in at first equal. Monterey’s got the goods on the burger front, and they do it all with just enough swag to top it off.

Burgers & Beers reviewed by Kylie B.

The chips and gravy here are good but the burgers, they are bloody good, just like this quality establishment's tagline says. A sucker for good-quality Angus beef, if it's on a burger menu, I get hamstrung and can't order anything else. And if a burger joint combines this kind of beef with blue cheese then you've got me as a customer for life. That's why every time I come to Christchurch, I head here and order a Billy Beef & Blue to satisfy that craving. Oh and don't forget to be a good bugger and accompany your burger with a beer because that's what this place is all about.

The White Lady reviewed by Johnny P.

(Tenth place) Due to the scheduling of my visits to Auckland’s oldest foodtruck, The White Lady and I don’t always have the clearest picture of our relationship, but I know for sure that I’m a happy customer. The burgers are large and delicious and the staff are always friendly, even after more than 60 years serving the nightlife on the city’s streets. The menu has maybe too many options for the functionally drunk to safely navigate, but no matter what you pick you’ll be greedily spilling burger fillings onto the moonlit street with a grin on your face, that much I can guarantee.

Burger Fuel Tauranga reviewed by Michele H.

I love the fact that Burger Fuel uses real chicken breast - instead of processed patties - decent slabs of tomato and lettuce that doesn’t look like it’s been in the chiller for weeks. As far as burgers go these guys seem to be the healthiest…. speaking from a chicken-lovers point of view anyway.

Mac's Fish Supply reviewed by Pippa B.

Fish and chips for lunch, burgers for dinner. Hastings is 20km inland from the port, but Mac’s still makes sure the fish is fresh off the boats from Napier’s Port Ahuriri. Along with beautifully made fish and homemade chips there is a great variety of good old kiwi burgers – Mac’s BIG burger is full of beetroot, cheese, bacon, egg and onion rings. Mac’s is a long standing local favourite serving the best Fish and Chips in Hawke’s Bay and also stocks a good variety of fresh fish.

Burger Fuel reviewed by Glenn U.

Went to Burger Fuel Mt Eden last night. Had the V Dub Vege Burger;it was delicious. 1st time i've had their Vege burgers and i will definitely be back.

Soul Burger reviewed by Kylie B.

Whenever I'm in Whanga I go and eat a Soul Burger. Real beef, lots of fresh salad, good sauce ratio. You can't beat a burger by the beach at one of New Zealand's most well-known surfing towns. The best!

Prohibition reviewed by Lisa B.

I love burgers, and while becoming a vegetarian, it was something I was determined not to give up. Luckily there is this gourmet burger place to satisfy my veggie burger cravings! They will let you pick any burger on the menu (including the meat ones) and swap out the meat for a veggie patty! I love that they have tailored it to what the customers want. I would definitely grab the Yella Belly and get that veg in there!

Annie's Takeaways reviewed by Robin R.

Whenever we are in Palmerston North this is our go to fish and chip shop. The chips are always nice and crunchy (no one likes a soggy chip!) Their fish burger especially is delicious and you can tell their fish is super fresh!