Spring is in the air which means it really is the season for some awesome kai moana – think scallops (yum!), whitebait (ooh!) and crayfish (gobble gobble). We’ve rounded up five of the best seafood restaurants that really do know their fresh fish.

Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar reviewed by Ella I.

When I finally got to go to depot for my partner's birthday I was super excited (and not just because his parents were paying) - this place has a reputation for excellent seafood and it doesn't disappoint! Try the sliders and the oysters - nom nom nom!

Soul Bar & Bistro reviewed by Helene R.

Soul Bar & Bistro is one of those establishments that feels like it has been around forever, and it pretty much has. It was one of the early spots to open on Viaduct Harbour and is still one if the best, with great bar staff, table service and cuisine. It also makes for great people spotting on a sunny afternoon, so if you have visitors with you from out of town it will never disappoint.

FISH Restaurant reviewed by Ricci M.

Finally, a decent fine dining seafood restaurant!  I was so blown away with this place. Amazing service and the seafood platter I had was fresh and heavenly, with oysters, clams, crayfish and prawns . I'd go back in a flash, no questions asked.

Hammerheads Seafood Restaurant and Bar reviewed by Shoppoholic

If you're a sea food junkie then Hammerheads is the place to be. They have the best in sea food on offer and also they have an excellent location too. Go for a nice stroll towards Mission Bay after a bountiful dinner at Hammerheads.