Good coffee, great food and Wi-Fi means you don't have to work from your office. Why not enjoy some hang time at one of these awesome New Zealand cafes that let you sip excellent smooth, strong brews while using their free Wi-Fi. At Localist, we reckon that's being able to browse the net and drink a great example of a world famous New Zealand brew truly is service with a modern-day smile cause nothing makes us more content than staying connected. Here's 10 of our personal faves but if you have a great cafe you love with free Wi-Fi, why not share your recommendation on their Localist listing? Stay in touch, New Zealand!

Society & Nook reviewed by Kylie B.

There's a booth in the corner that's got my name on it at Society and Nook because this hidden gem is the ultimate place to drink excellent coffee and fire off those morning emails and to-do's. The coffee here is awesome - so strong and so smooth - and there's free Wi-Fi. Plus, if it's later in the day I can sneak in a cheeky cocktail while I finish up. Awesome spot and well worth making it a regular visit whenever you are in Auckland's CBD.

Addington Coffee Co-op reviewed by Maria R.

Grab a coffee in this trendy Addington cafe and enjoy a free browse of the world wide web. This uber cool space will have you coming back for more for the awesome staff, amazing food made in house and superb locally roasted coffee! It’s tops.

The Bridge Street Collective reviewed by Caroline C.

Bridge Street Collective Cafe has great wifi, and great coffee. It’s a really cool place for an out-of-office experience, with lots of creatives, designers, business people and travellers using it to catch up on email, work on their great novel or just do stuff that needs a fast connection.

Milk Crate reviewed by Joe S.

Another of the Cuba St section that provides wifi, the bookstore has just disappeared which is sad, but something cool is on the way. Customer wifi is now available as well, with the big share table and generally quieter atmosphere, Milk Crate makes a good stop for those that like to relax in a good environment.

Crafters & Co. reviewed by Joe S.

Another gem with great food at great prices for you, wifi available so you can sit down and take in the emails with ease, over a coffee or a pint of great beer! A fantastic spot, there to be drunk and eaten in. 2 for 1 waffle’s on Wednesdays seem like a great option.

Cuckoo Cafe reviewed by Robin R.

Great coffee and wine selection, amazing pizza and pasta and very friendly service! The decor is so pretty and everything is well presented, they also have Wi-Fi so you can Instagram all of it too!

Taranaki Daily News Cafe reviewed by Lisa B.

The Taranaki Daily News Café is great for students, worker bees, the elderly; anyone really! Free anything is a hard thing to come by these days, let alone free Wi-Fi; but not inside of Puke Ariki. I just came in here recently for a study day and the Wi-Fi came in handy so much, also the coffee is quite good and comes out really quick! It’s a nice atmosphere with all the books around you and it’s not too noisy so you can browse, study, or read in peace!

Coffee Plus Cafe reviewed by Ari

I think this is one of Taupo’s cutest Cafe’s, tucked away on Horomatangi St. I love it’s boutique-style nature. And it’s so quiet too - which makes it a great place to sit down with a creamy hot chocolate over winter and write those long emails to overseas family members that I never quite get round to doing. I’ve no excuse now really - not with the free WiFi that comes with my weekly purchase of one of their hot chocolates or chocolate pecan brownies.

Marina Cafe reviewed by Jasmine J.

Seagulls swoop past while you look out the window at a flock of gorgeous yachts, sails proudly displayed. This can only mean you’re at the Marina Cafe in Opua! This is close to my home and I come here when I want some ‘me time’ or need to work. I love their creamy coffee and their wifi never fails. Their internet is actually run by the shop next door but you’re allowed to use it in the cafe. I’m pretty sure the wifi is called marina shop and the password is cruisers0315. Enjoy!

Crave Cafe reviewed by Kylie B.

You can't go wrong when you know you've arrived at the Auckland cafe that does the best eggs bene in town, has free Wi-Fi and knowing that every dollar you spend here goes towards fighting poverty. One of the coolest community hubs in Auckland, I encourage everyone I know to stay awhile at Crave and experience its magic. What an awesome experience and thank you to the forward-thinking collective who brought this magic to Auckland.