It's the kind of food you definitely take a picture of before you dine, so you can relive the memory, share it on Instagram... and boast to your friends. Yep, we're talking about dishes so delicately and divinely presented that the food looks almost too good to eat. That's why we've talked to the locals to round up the most creative chefs around Auckland, who are all about plating up perfection. From vegetables shaped as landscapes to bright pops of clever colour to food that might as well be art, these top 10 Auckland restaurants with food almost too good looking to eat will tantalise your tastebuds.

Sidart Restaurant reviewed by Tessa P.

Unique and inspired food presented to perfection. Sidart is classic yet modern with an easy going atmosphere that would please any class of diner. It is truly an experience in gastronomy and incredibly affordable.

Euro 2.0 reviewed by Tilak P.

I love Euro because of two main reasons, the food is absolutely gorgeous and the atmosphere is amazing. Plus Simon Gault runs it, amazing!

Miann reviewed by Ryan L.

Feed your eyes and mind as well as your taste buds! The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is chill, and most importantly, the desserts are such a guilty pleasure. Such a variety, you can't resist coming back.

Ostro Brasserie reviewed by Johnny P.

What’s not to like about a harbour front view, delicious artistic food, 3 stories up, looking out over the Harbour Bridge, Rangitoto, etc and etc? Yep, gimme that any day. Bliss.

The Grove reviewed by Priya K.

One place we have been meaning to revisit. We tried their degustation menu and I would not have words to describe what it was like! Pure food science. A treat for your palette - this is an absolute must try and save it for the most special occasion. You'll cherish the experience forever.

Bracu Restaurant reviewed by Jacqui C.

A little further out but oh-so worth the travel - awesome setting in the olive grove with a degustation menu that's simply to die for.

Namo reviewed by Krystal S.

I went to Namo with some friends and I was not disappointed. I had read that the Chef was trained and well known internationally and was renowned for his delicious, artistically delivered dishes. What arrived at the table looked almost too beautiful to eat, and the taste!!! let's just say I'l be back next week.

The French Cafe reviewed by Ryan S.

Everyone seems to know about this place now, and for good reason, the quality of food here is amazing and incredible attention to detail, always a brilliant dining experience

L'Oeuf Cafe reviewed by Greer L.

This is hands down my favourite place (and number one choice every time) to come for breakfast. With a knock-out menu to boot, they're off to a great start but also their service and staff are consistently on point. My favourites here are the mango lassi and 'the Cambodian' dish . Not to mention L'Oeuf is 100% instagrammable from every angle.

Masu Japanese Robata Restaurant & Bar reviewed by Evelyn E.

Quite simply, Masu is all kinds of awesome. I've never been a big Japanese food fan but this place has me convinced that it's worth eating more of, especially from here. With several amazing menus filled with the most exquisite dishes, you will find yourself eating your way through so many different things. I totally recommend the snapper and the spicy tuna taco. I love how beautifully the food is presented too, each dish is a miniature work of art and several of the menus are designed to be shared, making them ideal for a special occasion too.