For us Kiwis, our smooth-as-silk, signature flat whites are as much of a national icon as our rugby heroes, the All Blacks. We're a country of coffee lovers and lucky to have some of the best local roasters in the business. In fact, our coffee is not only world famous here in NZ - it's truly world famous. Heck, even Starbucks in the US is now trying to rock out a flat white (and claiming the Aussies created it - yeah right!) But as every good Kiwi knows when it comes to supping a strong cup of joe, there's no place like home. That's why we've rounded up the top 10 most awesome coffees in New Zealand that you need to be drinking right now. Note: There is no order to this Top 10 - they are all the very best so sip away with confidence. If you have a local roaster or barista that rocks your world, why not share your love for it on their Localist listing? 

Havana Coffee Works reviewed by liv d.

I remember clumsily wondering into Havana Coffee Works, still numb from my workout at the gym down the road, and losing myself in the aroma that fills the place. It was intense, and I've heard it still is. But the good kind, the kind that makes you want to bathe in coffee beans. My usual order would be fixed up in a jiffy and was consistently hot and dreamy. The staff are lovely and the music welcoming, this is why the locals choose to zone out here during those awfully windy Wellington days.

Caffetteria Allpress reviewed by Kylie B.

When I want to ‘take five’ a seriously strong dose of Allpress at it’s home base of Caffetteria Allpress is where it’s at. In my humble opinion, these are some of the best beans in New Zealand and the coffee they rack up here is always as smooth as silk and with the strength of a lion. When I'm in need of a physical and emotional pick-me-up, this is the place I love to go. Allpress coffee brightens my day and cheers me up. Thank you for always making me feel so lovely.

Fort Greene reviewed by Krystal S.

After hearing how awesome this place was, I decided to have lunch there today - wow am I glad I did! I ordered the famous Fort Greene fish finger sandwich, it was delicious, so delicious I can't actually describe it to you in words, just believe me when I say that you need to try it. Fort Greene also serve Peoples Coffee, one of only a few Auckland coffee spots to stock this delicious Wellington creation. The food is great, the staff are friendly, Fort Greene I will be back soon.

Bennetts of Mangawhai reviewed by Jasmine J.

Chocolate met coffee to make heaven on earth as a place called Bennetts. These guys do stunning boutique chocolates and have incorporated that seamlessly into their european chic cafe. Order a cappuccino and you’ll get a smooth rich sprinkle of chocolate on top. If you order a mocha or hot chocolate you get even more! It’s such a treat.

Kush Coffee reviewed by Caroline C.

Kush on Nelson's Church St has recently had a bit of a makeover- new counter, new and more spacious eating area - and the same great coffee. One of Nelson's best cafes, Kush is a very cool place to hang out- and is known for its organic fair trade coffee. Kush uses beans from organic fairtrade small producers that grow for quality rather than quantity. The coffee is excellent quality, very well roasted and there are plenty of bean choices. If you like good coffee this is a good place to go.

Lyttelton Coffee Company reviewed by Maria R.

Recently re-opened LCC is once again taking Lyttelton by storm. This cafe is massive and is full every hour of every day. This is because the decor is unlike anything you’ll see in Christchurch and the coffee is superb. They use their own coffee too!

Plum Cafe reviewed by liv d.

Plum knows good coffee. It was my go-to coffee haunt during my four years in the capital, for two reasons. The coffee was great and the barista was cute. Amazing fair trade coffee served with a smile puts you at the top of my coffee radar, something which is hard to do in a city full of good coffee and great people. What's also great about Plum is that they offer up a full dining experience, robust with delicious feasts and choice treats. So after you've spent the most of your afternoon debating the politics of something not-so-political with your uni lads over strong brewed espressos, you can meet your parents for a shmancy dinner involving generous servings of wine, good food and laughter.

Neighbourhood Coffee & Roastery reviewed by Kylie B.

Warning: The coffee roasted on-site at this genius Martinborough cafe and roastery is so good, one visit to Neighbourhood is never enough. The coffee is strong, punchy and creamy and the blend a good buzz, the kind perfect for a roadtrip. They also do excellent hangover cures with fresh bacon and egg croissants, vege pizzas and vitamin-boosting smoothies. An absolute local gem and one of the best places we are in Martinborough.