The vibrant community of Eden Terrace offers all of the sights and delights to usher you into the weekend. Dash into your local bar and wash away a hard-working week's stress. Call by one of many edgy and moreish foodie treasure troves. Check out Localist's Top 5 for Friday Night and you may just make one of our loves yours too! Do you have your own Top 5 not included here? If not, share some love for the top spots in Eden Terrace!

The Corner Store reviewed by Amanda B.

This is my local and I love it because it's a great bar. The cool thing about Eden Terrace is that there is just so much right on my doorstep. Along with a good bar like The Corner Store, there are also great pubs, a variety of places to eat (there's too many to list them all but some of my faves are Al Volo, Satya and Bian Sushi), excellent salons like Killer and Helmut. There are lots of people around but it doesn't take itself too seriously. Eden Terrace is a real mix of commercial and residential and that keeps it lively!

Coco's Cantina Restaurant & Bar reviewed by Olivia d.

If you're up for Italian dining al fresco style on a lazy afternoon, then you will definitely love Coco's Cantina. Right at the heart of Karangahape Road, you'll still find this restaurant hustling and bustling even when the rest of the town had settled down for the day. More than a dining experience, the experience at Coco's Cantina is more of a romantic experience. It's a slow process of breathing and taking everything in, one plate and glass at a time. You fall in love over the antipasti, enjoy each other's company over their main courses, and stay the night for the desserts and drinks.

Cakes n Ladders reviewed by Olivia d.

A cafe dedicated to games is what Cakes N Ladders is all about. Starting out as a Kickstarter project, it was successfully launched July of last year. Inspired by a trip to Castle Board Game Cafe during their Canada trip, founders James and Emma thought of bringing this concept to Auckland - apparently, something like this is what the locals just need. Cakes N Ladders have a library full of card and board games, from Cranium to Cards Against Humanity to Bang to whatever other game you can think of, ranging somewhere between 600-800 games in total. Aside from themed game nights every now and then, they are also planning to hold game designer nights and other events to promote up and coming games in the future.

Longroom reviewed by Kylie B.

Longroom has a beautiful deck that is completely sun-drenched so I'm super-stoked that I'm now able to enjoy a brunch date here over the weekends. There's all the classics on offer and the sun (and coffee) is what makes it as much of a nice morning location as a late afternoon or evening one. And you know that my measure of brunch is always in the eggs bene so sufficed to say they do a pretty fabulous one. Love!

The Kings Arms Tavern reviewed by Caitlin S.

The Kings Arms is one of Auckland’s oldest, most-loved live music venues, and with good reason. They host a huge variety of artists; both local and international. I saw The Dresden Dolls play here a few years ago, the quality of sound was simply outstanding, and even though I was near the back there was still a great intimate feel to the show – like the band was always within arms reach of the audience. It’s also a thrill to see my own friends play regularly on the same stage, as the K.A. is hugely supportive of hosting young, local talent and competitions like Battle of the Bands. The outdoor area is definitely a big drawcard for this venue, it’s huge – bigger than the interior itself – and populated with plenty of tables so you can distance yourself from the live show entirely if you’d rather just chat to other patrons. Some of the bar staff can be a little gruff, but they get the job done and are very adept at lip-reading when the music is booming. Check their gig schedule but many weekend nights here will provide an authentic, gritty, rock experience for a very reasonable door charge (often $5-$10 for local bands).