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structured six-month residential programme provided free of charge for young women aged 16 to 28 years. The programme is designed to equip them with life principles, social skills, training in nutrition and fitness, career guidance and counselling.


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A Girl Called Hope is an NGO working with young women who face life–controlling issues, such as abuse, addictions, depression, eating disorders, self harm and unplanned pregnancy. They are amazing.

Comment by Brian M.
lol i did know a girl hope...once
Comment by Zinnie L.
Never heard of it before now... Thanks for the heads up mate, sounds like a good cause to get behind.
Comment by Stephanie P.
there are so many NGOs doing great work and this is certainly one of them, what huge issues they tackle!
Comment by james D.
Girls are beautiful creation of God. http://www.bbexmarketing.com/website_design.html
Comment by Mark A.
I think one of the great things about them is they pour themselves into the lives of those who come to them, rather than 'just' throw money at the problem.
Comment by Josh C.
great info here. much appreciated!!