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When I decided to put Litron in ABC, I knew she would be fine, knowing she had her older brother next door. Also knowing the environment there is warm, happy and friendly. Litrons first 2 weeks was hard for her, because she's only there 2 days a week and she had been at home with me until she was 22 months. But I knew she was in good hands of very capable teachers. I have seen a huge difference in my baby since she started there. She's more independent and likes to try out things on her own. She comes home and sings all the time. The other night she just started singing 'the wheels on the bus goes round and round' and doing actions, we were so amazed because we use to sing it to her and she would just dance. She now knows her alphabet song and counts numbers from 1-10. There are so many things she's learnt there, that she comes home and she'll either try to tell us or she'll sing the songs she knows. I just wanted to say thank you to Megan, Bex, and Lee for the encouragement and support you give Litron. She has built a close bond with Bex and nearly every day Litron always says 'I want to go school to Becca'. When I'm in Room Tahi, it takes me a while to leave, because I like to talk to the teachers about Litrons development and love hearing all about what she got up to the day before (as Dad picks her up and finds out before me). I have known Lee since November 09 (when John started), so glad she's still there now teaching Litron. I will miss Room Tahi when Litron moves to Room Rua. She has learnt so much there and loves the babies.

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