Auckland Transport is the council-controlled organisation of Auckland Council responsible for transport projects and services.

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Public transport for Auckland. Buses, trains and ferries. Journey times, timetables, service notifications, event transport information, airport services, regional network maps and prices.


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I'm so pleased with the new look, the renovation was great! It's a pleasure to use MAXX transport now :)

I rang the other week as we were planning a family train trip for a fun outing.  The person I spoke to was unable to give me any information about the route we were trying to take, eg whether there were tunnels etc.  Anyway, we went ahead with our proposed trip to turn up on the day and find the trains were not going that weekend and were replaced with buses. Not what we had planned.  Surely, their phone service should have had notice of this and been able to tell me when I phoned.

Huge improvements to the western train line, the trains are absolutely on time and i like the new on-board notification on upcoming destinations. but there are still people not paying!  noticed alot of people jump on without being checked.  should be tigheter around this somehow. overall, very impressed.

I am travel everyday by Bus. Very Comfortable and on time .

Comment by jesse

So, personally I find the best thing about these guys is the comfort. I know this might sound weird, but I've travelled a fair bit around the world and I have seen so many sub par transport systems. I would also like to point out their very handy website for journey planning, it really is quite useful.

I oftten take the innerlink into city and back. My experience with maxx has been very positive every time, with very friendly  bus drivers. The journeys are always safe and the buses are often on time, really reliable, clean. I have a car at home but I never bother using it, especially with the hassle of parking in the city so the bus is a first class service in my eyes.  Well done maxx!!! 

Let me start of first by saying that I own a car. A very nice Nissan for that matter. Yet I still prefer to use the transit system because it is convenient, cheap, on-time, and safe. The fairs go up but overall it is still pretty cheap. The driver's work really hard in my opinion to be on time and be available to help any passengers during their day.  ​Overall great system and new comfortable buses which are mostly on time and reliable! 

Maxx is so helpful I use it at least once a week The Journey Planner makes organising my travel so easy, soo much better than going to a bus stop and hoping for the best

I love waking up to go to work and seeing all the DLY (delayed) signs when riding Maxx's buses.  It really helps work your brain as well when trying to guess if the bus will come 4 minutes early today, or come 9 minutes late which is great for improving your math skills while working on your fitness as you walk home to get your car. But the absolute most awesome service that Maxx provides is the 'invisible bus' where the bus that they use is invisible to the naked eye! If you are waiting for the 11.30 bus, for example,  and it doesn't come, then you have experienced the great Maxx invisible bus!

Can't wait for the fully integrated ticketing to come into play, but enjoy using the trains to get to and from work. Handy and convenient. Good to see the increased patronage. Just need to iron out the signal issues that arise when track work is completed.