Amano is about sharing our passion for food with our guests.


Price Range Cheap & cheerful
Ambience Lively
Noise level Upbeat
Food Options Organic food, Gluten free, Vegetarian

Products and specialities

Barista coffee
Freshly baked bread


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Amano is an awesome addition to Britomart and my working neighbourhood. With its farm-to-table philosophy firmly in place thanks to the fact this Auckland bakery is part of the ever-evolving Hip Group, everything is made from scratch on site. The flour is milled out back, the sourdough starters nurtured and the delicate pastries created by some of the most passionate local bakers in the business. I love the fact that Amano offers dairy free milk options - delivered via a tap nonetheless - in the form of buffalo and macadamia milk for my morning coffee. Awesome to see a real working bakery downtown.

Amano Bakery fits into the hustle and bustle of Auckland City perfectly. A vast selection of pastries, sandwiches, porridge, friands, tarts, savoury buns and a little something called breakfast slices are all displayed on a beautiful counter top, and are all ready to be toasted, wrapped, packed and sent with you on your way. This bakery is nestled tightly into Tyler Street and is a whole lot more than just a hollow in the wall for a quick coffee dash. There is a beautiful, very winter fitting 'breakfast station', boasting many a porridge, with both traditional and a creative flavors. The bread choice is clearing inspired by a number of continents as is the selection of pastries. I recommend the honey sesame seed friand and a buffalo milk coffee. I dont recommend their green smoothie, broccoli, kale, silver beet and malabar spinach. Wonderful wee spot, crowded with both people and all the best things bakery.

Comment by Kylie B.
Thanks for adding the awesome new Amano Bakery to Localist Joanna! We love this place and took a tour yesterday so it's definitely going to the top of our editor's bakeries list. Keep sharing those loves because you're an awesome Localist!