Wykie and Rebecca Etsebeth are the owners of Andfit. Andfit represents Wykie and Rebecca’s first facility, and they are passionate about offering quality coaching, nutritional consulting, and a building a strong community of hard working people. At And...

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Crossfit is great for grooming and stay in shape

Unique Crossfit with Fun!

They're relatively new to the Auckland crossfit scene, but Andfit are already counted as one of the best facilities in town. Headed by owner Wykie Etsebeth, the team of skilled trainers lead intense workout sessions that'll push your fitness boundaries - with not a treadmill in sight. Andfit also offer a free trial workout session every Saturday morning (be sure to book!), a nice option for those who want to test the waters before taking the plunge.

At andfit the workout of the day is always different. The movements are functional and relevant to real life and the workouts are always intense. I leave feeling like I’ve worked hard and achieved every time!

Until a year ago I thought that exercise was some chore that I had to fit in to my life. Now I look forward to exercise and fit my life around it! Andfit has totally changed the way I workout and the results have been amazing. Andfit embodies Crossfit - a place to workout, feel part of a community and achieve your goals. Here everyone knows your name and supports you when you need it.  I recommend everyone get out of their gym and give Andfit a go. A warning though: it's addictive.

Whoever says crossfit is for fit people only,probably never try crossfit before. I have been crossfitting for about 10months now and till today I still remember my very first day. I was very unfit and my first day I thought that was the hardest workout I have ever done in my life! But something about it just make me wants it more. 10months later I can lift more than most people. I can run up a hill without too much effort. Most importantly I feel like I can handle anything that comes my way. What is so special about Andfit are the coaches and the people. The coaches are always there to guide me and always push me just a little further. Everyone is always there to cheer you on until you finish your WOD. My lifestyle is healthier, I eat better and I quit smoking. Last but not least, for ladies who would like to try crossfit, let me tell you, crossfit and lifting weight does not make you bulky.

For summer its a great place to be in shape and get ripped Abs - Unique and Interesting classes

I started coming here around 4 months ago and love it. Previously was at Les Mills but love the community of the gym and the hardcore workouts. Wykie and his team are so welcoming for all levels