At the Angela Lowe-Ho Dental Centre we cover all branches of dentistry. With over 30 years experience, our extensive knowledge of simple and complex dental procedures gives you choice on how you would like to solve your dental needs.

Relieving your dental pain is a high priority for us. As well as regular dentistry we bring health, wellness and healing awareness to our patients.

We listen to your needs and provide painless, scientific and holistic Solutions. At Angela Lowe-Ho you receive a dental care experience with a difference.Scientific, painless and holistic solutions. All branches of dentistry practised.

Our Mission Statement:
To empower, coach and use individual, personalised , biocompatible solutions and treatments. We believe shared decision making, knowledge and lifestyle improvements create the best holistic and scientific outcomes for our patients.

Products and specialities

Healing of dental disease, lifestyle strategies, as well as regular dentistry.
Acc registered / Winz treatment provider
Emergency Dentistry
Root Canals
Pain Relieve
Crowns /Bridges/ Dentures
Holistic Amalgam replacements
Crooked teeth/ Cosmetic Dental
Bleeding Gums and Stain Removal


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Angela is a skilled and approachable dentist, who places a high premium on her patients' entire health and well-being through excellent dental care. She is not only a skilled technician, but she also offers life-changing education on preventive oral hygiene and home care tips.

Angela is a fantastic dentist, she truly believes in maintaining and improving your current dental structure before attempting anything superficial. Angela always explains what she is performing during the dental procedure and why which makes me feel comfortable and safe. I trust the advice Angela provides regarding how to maintain my dental health. I can confidently say that Angela has not only provided fantastic service to myself but also my family and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Dentist.

2017 started with a toothache. 20 years of ignoring my teeth was catching up with me. I did some research and found the lovely Angela. I sent an SOS and was relieved to get a quick response and an offer of an appointment the next day. Angela has transformed my teeth and taught me how to care for them properly. I am thrilled with the results. Her holistic approach was just what I needed. Thanks to both Angela and the lovely Anna I am now have my teeth repaired and am set up to look after my them properly.

2017 started with a toothache. 20 years of ignoring my teeth was catching up with me. I did some research and found the lovely Angela. I sent an SOS and was relieved to get a quick response and an offer of an appointment the next day. Angela has transformed my teeth and taught me how to care for them properly. I am thrilled with the results. Her holistic approach was just what I needed. Thanks to both Angela and the lovely Anna I am now have my teeth repaired and am set up to look after my them properly. Maria Mathieson Property Services Manager McAuley Trust

Thanks so much, Hi Angela.just want to thankyou so much for my first appointment with was such an amazing experience .i can't believe how thorough you were with my examination.ive never had any experience like that at any other dentist before.i really feel like I will get the very best advice and work on my teeth done by you. I look forward to the rest of my appointments with my long life new dentist.thankyou so much for your worked after hours on me by yourself just so you could give me the best result possible.i can't wait to finish my root canal.i know From now on I am going to learn alot about teeth through you.yours s

I was skeptical at first of Angela's holistic approach. Talking about her thorough, personalised nutritional and lifestyle plans, she changed my point of view. I hadn't been to a dentist for over ten years; Dr Lowe-Ho was very understanding of my problems and hang-ups. Thanks to decades of experience and on-going, up-to-date training she carried out a tricky extraction painlessly. Her skills as a surgeon are evident in her light, delicate touch and in patients' quick healing time. The Dental Centre provides an informative and eye-opening insight into dental/buccal care and how they affect overall health. The staff have great bedside manner capable of putting the most jittery patient at ease. Both the dentist and the assistant are of the same high calibre, with a pleasant disposition. After dealing with them you will feel in a better mood. Dr Angela Lowe-Ho is genuinely a caring person out to help other people; she has helped me on my way to oral fitness and has taught me new hygiene habits that improve dental health and quality of life. Professional, patient, respectful, Angela is very flexible and concienscious in meeting an individual's needs. The work is reasonably priced and you might be able to arrange a personal payment plan. WINZ quotes are available.

from; Genevieve Forde, Browns Bay Ever since I moved to Auckland five and a half years ago, Angela has been my dentist. She was recommended to me by my brother and sister, who were patients of hers, because of her holistic approach to dentistry, which they appreciated. I've moved several times since then - from Grey Lynn to Totara Heights in South Auckland and lately to Browns Bay on the North Shore, but I always take the bus (or sometimes two buses) to Ellerslie to see Angela with my long-suffering teeth because I trust her (most important) and she is very kind and helpful to me, and I know she will do her very best to look after my teeth which have suffered from too many fillings and posts - dentistry as it was in the 60s and 70s, as well as not being cleaned properly and not going to the dentist as often as I should, largely because of financial constraints. Plus her charges are fair and she helps me to pay them off in a way that I can manage as I am a pensioner; she is very practical and generous in that way. Also, Angela is the first dentist I have met who takes a personal interest in me and my health. She gives me practical advice about - not only my teeth (how to clean and floss them properly so as to keep both teeth and gums healthy) but also my diet. Specifically, she has recommended changes I can make to reduce cane sugar from my diet as I am a "sweet tooth'. Before I went to Angela, I was aware that sugar wasn't that good for me, and I did try to reduce it, but after Angela explained to me that it really was bad for my teeth, I took her advice seriously, and as a result I have reduced substantially the amount of sweet things that I eat, and I am no longer as addicted to sugar as I used to be. I haven't eliminated it completely, but I have definitely reduced its influence on my choices of foods, to the benefit of my general health and weight, and my teeth, so I am very grateful to her for that as well, as I hope to live well past 100 and I will need my teeth in good order for that! So I would say that if you would like a dentist that you can trust to do the best for you and your teeth, and who will truly care for you and your health and well-being to the best of her ability, Angela is the dentist for you! Thank you Angela!

Id just like to add here, thank god I found Angela!. I needed a good amount of work done, not that anyone would of noticed from my smile. The price to fix my issues was huge and Im grateful that Angela made it easier for me to afford and still have it done exceptionally well. Angela has taught me a better dental routine to help improve my teeth and gums.Because of that my gums no longer bleed when i brush or floss. I recently went through the pains of a tooth that was dying and needed a root canal. Two years prior, Angela tried to save it from having the procedure done. The process was all controlled with medication for pain relief which worked like a charm over that weekend and antibiotics. The surgery experience wasnt terrifying, i was numbed and numbed some more if i felt any bit of pain and was continually asked if i was okay during the procedure. My root canal from her experience was very very difficult and took two sessions. Its amazing how the tooth looks like nothing ever happened. Her dental artistry and skill sets are amazing. I will continue to let others know about her as she is a life saver in the Dental field. I respect her for making things more affordable for others and then in turn provide us with her years of expertise and her holistic approach. Now that i have found my weaker teeth are due to thyroid issues and as i begin treatment, having Angela as my dentist, I know my teeth are in good hands. Jamilliah jamesBeautifulbraids- Business Owner

***"Painless Extraction with Motherly Affection"*** Hi Doctor Angela I am writing this email to thank you immensely, i must say am looking forward to have any dental issues sorted by you as am no more afraid of any procedures, I can't thank you enough for your kindness and the feeling to be in the patient's shoes. I had nightmares before the extraction as my husband had a very hard time while getting his extraction done. I work in a contact centre and had been in adverse pain since 2 weeks. While talking about my pain to my colleagues, one of my colleagues AJ handed me your visiting card( he did advise me that you are Awesome in whatever you do,thanks to him as well).I called you straight away and you were kind enough to book me in shortly.After meeting you both my husband and me were confident about you and guess what You kept your promise I had absolutely painless experience during and post extraction.My husband decided to come to you for his dental issues. You have a very kind heart and you are Gem of a person. I would highly recommend you to all my friends and relatives to be able to get rid of all their dental issues. Thank you very much for your Excellent Service and love. Lots of love Priyanka Emani Contact Centre Representative with Westpac

Comment by Kylie B.
What a lovely recommendation. Awesome work Angela Lowe!

I would like to commend Angela on doing such an amazing job on re-building a crown that snapped off at the gum line. It looked like a hopeless or massively expensive situation I faced, which was the last thing I needed! Angela examined the area then separately outside the dental chair, carefully explained the options she could try. Angela has done various extended dentistry courses that enable her to do procedures a typical dentist wont or cant do. Also,we came to a comfortable re-payment agreement, taking another weight off my mind. I left the surgery with an amazing smaller rebuild matching tooth that filled the gap perfectly and I felt so relieved. The previous dental company that a faithfully went to for 20 plus years would pressure you to get certain teeth replaced with crowns that cost 1200 - $1500. Whereas Angela has a totally different approach of preserving what you have rather than replacing it with a costly substitute. Thank you again, Angela, for doing an amazing job and more so - putting my mind at ease. I would and do, recommend Angela as a dentist to anyone I know that needs dental assistance. A.J.Milne Call Centre Representative

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