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Great service and super friendly staff. very helpful

Puppy and kittens and rabbits oh my! Once you step through those doors you will be oozing with emotion, your heart will feel so heavy that you may just shed a tear or two. All of those tiny fluffy animals! Forget those cute photos that your workmate emails you, imagine how you feel in that moment and multiply all of those emotions ten fold. A trip to Animates is definitely one of that will tug at the heart strings. Prepare to make room in your car for a puppy or two, a cage, a box full of soft squishy toys and don’t be surprised if you get home and find a lop eared rabbit in their somewhere.

lots of choices and good price

Comment by KL
Great :)

A cute ginger thing- fat now. A huge range of animals- puppies, kittens, dogs, rabbits fish etc. Good range of pet-related products. Good staff, decent sized store and well located, on the main corner. Watch out for their blackboard sign outside.

One of the stores with a bigger fish selection. Same prices as the other stores and staff and pretty clued up like most of the other Animates stores.

We recently purchased two bunny rabbits from Animates in Wairau. The staff were so helpful, answered ALL of our questions, suggested appropriate food, hutch and toys for us to buy for them. They spent ages with us teaching us about how to look after them. We were very impressed. Lovely animal loving folk. 

Comment by KL
Good review :)

Aside from the fact we go to Animates to actually purchase products for our pets, Animates has to be one of the best (free) places to entertain my toddler! There are always a good selection of puppies, kittens, rabbits and guinea pigs at eye level for my little one, with many of the puppies keen to lick dirty little kiddy fingers!  The staff are always obliging, and when it comes to advice regarding the products, they are always knowledgeable and happy to offer advice. The prices aren't all that competitive but if you have questions to ask or fancy a nice trip to keep the little ones happy, this is the place to go.

Comment by KL
Lovely review :)