Aphroditea is your 28 Day Skinny Tea Detox that contains a unique combination of antioxidant rich goji berries, Garcinia Cambogia and herbs and teas that have been specifically formulated to help increase your metabolism, burn fat, clear acne, reduce excess water weight whilst cleansing and detoxifying your body.

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Drinking Aphroditea will help you:

Cleanse & Detoxify your body
Boost your metabolism
Burn fat
Improve digestion
Ease bloating
Increase your energy levels
Improve your skin clarity

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Good teatox.

I enjoyed drinking the teatox everyday and I did experience a boost in energy without any caffeine crashes. I would definitely recommend. I’m not sure if I lost any weight because I haven’t been tracking it, but I plan on buying again and properly tracking it.

Amazing teatox!

The teatox suprisingly goes down very well and dosn’t taste horrible like all the others on the market.

At first I thought it’s one of those detox teas i have used in the past like omgtea and skinnymetea, that did basically really did nothing for me. Within 2 weeks of using the aphroditea 28 day teatox, i noticed a huge difference in my energy levels, i felt a lot less bloated which is something i have been dealing for the most part of my life and my skin has started to clear up, which i can’t be more thankful for 🙂

I have tried a few other skinny detox tea in the past (skinnymetea, yourtea, thintea, matefit) and nothing comes close to Aphroditea’s 28 Day skinny detox tea. Love it with it being a nz company, the don’t use harsh laxatives and love the cool edgy branding of it. Will be coming for more.

Thank you so much Aphroditea. Received my package within a few days, the tea is beautifully packaged and comes with a sweet little card. The tea smells divine, and the taste is even more divine. But more importantly, i have been extremely impressed with the results. Have exceeded all my expectations.

This 28 day Skinny Detox Tea is 100% worth the money. i used it straight after my university exams where i had gained weight, my skin was looking terrible and i wasn’t feeling to great. A friend of mine recommended this, and although it was slightly expensive it was definitely worth it. After the 28 days i lost 5kgs, my skin most cleared up and i felt a loss bloated and my energy levels were through the roof. Would def be ordering again!

In love with this product, it’s a little bit more expensive but it’s definitely worth every dollar. I have used a few other skinny detox tea in the market before like omgtea and skinnymetea and didn’t really notice anything but after a couple of days into the detox with aphroditea i could already see the results.

Funny thing is that this skinny detox tea tastes better than the tea you would buy at your local starbucks, and yet it has 101 additional health benefits too it. Felt great each day, wasn’t so sluggish, noticed a difference in my skin compexion and although i haven’t lost weight, i do look a lot better when i get in front of the mirror

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