Arty Bees Books is a multi-level, family-run, independent bookstore nestled in the heart of Wellington City, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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New, pre-loved, rare books, multi-level bookstore


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Was brought here for my birthday. The best few hours I have ever spent, rifling through books and music scores. Wish there were more Arty Bee's in this country!

Favourite spot to kill some time (without injuring eternity). Love this place.

Bookshops of Arty Bee's quality are becoming increasingly hard to come by – meaning it's even more deserving of your patronage. With two storeys packed with a wide range of good quality non-fiction and fiction books, and some of the most knowledgeable staff you'll find in any such store in Wellington central, you're bound to come out laden with new tomes. I like to pass on books I've read and don't want to reread to them in exchange for store credit – which keeps both Arty Bee's shelves and my own well-stocked.

There is something about second hand book stores that is enjoyable. Whether it’s the idea of a cheap book, finding that favourite childhood novel or the smell of books that engulfs you as you enter the store. Arty Bee’s is one of the best second hand book shops that I have ever been too, as they seem to stock everything and anything for rewarding prices.

Comment by Arty B.

A bustling market of pre-loved paperbacks. I’ve wasted many a good hour trying very hard to buy the whole contents of the place. Also, two or three times a year you can play the fund game of working out what the required readings at VUW and Massey were that trimester from what books there are suspiciously large amounts of.

Comment by Arty B.
Thanks Uther! We love you too.

Something about the rain always makes me want to read, and when you’re reading, there is nothing like cracking into a book you’ve never explored before. Arty Bee’s has one of the best selections in the city. You could easily daydream through a rainy hour or two browsing the books there.

Comment by Arty B.
Thanks Martyn. You are welcome regardless of the weather.

You can spend hours lost in this amazing book store and pick up anything from a physics text book to a bird watching manual.

Comment by Arty B.
Thanks, I am pleased you had a good time.

Great books at great prices. Last time I was in Arty Bee’s I got talking to the very interesting guy on the front desk - we discussed chess, a conversation that got started when I picked up a book about chess on the counter. He was super friendly. The staff here love to read and are keen to help you out. I’m always in this shop with my partner and we’ve picked up all manner of interesting reads at great prices. I also love the foreign languages section upstairs. Check it out!

I've been coming to this store for a very long time. Over that very long time, a few things haven't changed. Out the gate, the science fiction and fantasy section has always been incredibly diverse, and the staff have always been knowledgeable and friendly. It's also always been pretty amazing what turns up in the secondhand section, and how cheap said titles usually are. Arty Bee's Books was crucial in the development of my love affair with the writing of Octavia E Butler, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Ian McDonald and H.P Lovecraft. I can't recommend this two story complex of awesome enough.

Comment by Arty B.

A labyrinth of second hand books, poetry and pamphlets on the pre-war Communism Party of New Zealand. I'm not kidding. Whilst admittedly this last item may only be of interest to history nerds like myself, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for in what is perhaps the largest volume of books in the city. A hard working bunch too; this gang seem to be open whenever I walk past, meaning there'll always be time to pick up your next read. 

Comment by Arty B.

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