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$20.oo entrance fee go to the Viaduct Basin no charge . great post [URL=]good[/URL]

Love art galleries


Glenfield, Auckland, 0629


I love the auckland art gallery as it is not just for adults and cater very well for even preschoolers with an interactive area.

I love love love the art gallery and so does my whole family

Beautifully situated at the bottom of Albert Park, in a building that (for good reason) won a major architectural upon completion, the Art Gallery has something for everyone: exceptionally beautiful New Zealand historical and contemporary art, specialist exhibitions on the go in some wings, interactive displays, and really thoughtful activities for children. A must see - and do - for Aucklanders and Tourists alike.

Visiting an art gallery is never a bad idea, especially when it is the Auckland Art Gallery. Free entry to the permanent collections of art means that this activity is for everyone. The Auckland Art Gallery boasts many beautiful collections of a variety of styles. The history and skill demonstrated in these collections are easy for the untrained eye to see. With an interactive area children are welcome at the gallery! A free, interesting activity for everyone including children or bored teenagers.

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