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My mother had a bitter experience with this company, and I would like to highlight this to others. She employed Bananalama Ltd to landscape her property given their impressive web page, and apparent great reputation. However, the service she received was appalling. They constantly fobbed her off with hollow excuses, false promises, and long unplanned absences – I’m talking months, not days of being stood up. They left her property exposed for over a year allowing for some garden equipment to be stolen, and their standard of workmanship was poor and not to building code standards. This has now cost my mother thousands to remedy. We had mediation and they apologized profusely and said they would fix their mistakes, but despite this guarantee, made hardly any attempt to do so. Consumers are meant to be protected by statutory NZ laws but when breeched, unless you have deep pockets to mount a legal challenge, it is not enforceable. My mother is an elderly widow living on her own and they completely took advantage of her. This has caused her a great deal of distress and regretfully it has taken its toll on her physical health and confidence. Please don’t make the same mistake.