Along the strip of Chinese eateries along Dominion Road, Barilla is easy to spot any day of the week. Why? The place is always heaving with people, often with queues out the door. Barilla is Auckland's worst-kept secret when it comes to the best dumplings in town.

Whether boiled, fried, or steamed, the dumplings are handmade fresh each day in a variety of mouthwatering flavours, and at wallet-happy prices too. They're especially great with everyone's favourite side dish - the French beans with spicy salt.


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Need to try

No best of Auckland’s dumplings list would be complete without referencing the amazing Barilla Dumplings of Dominion Rd. This Chinese restaurant is fabled for a very good reason because they still do make some of the best dumplings in town. I like to wait until I’m famished before I head here because I always eat one dumpling too many, so good is this offering.

Whenever I go to Barilla Dumplings I find myself wondering "how many dumplings is the human body capable of eating at once?" And in order to carry out this continuing , completely scientific experiment, I've made myself a regular for their amazing steamed pork and cabbage dumplings.

When I heard a friend say that Barilla served the best dumplings in Auckland, I had to check it out and see for myself. I went on a Saturday lunch time, thinking it would probably not be that busy, wow was I wrong. Seating downstairs completely packed and we took the last table upstairs! This place was pumping and as soon as my vege dumplings and fried rice came out I could see why. Delicious and steaming, these dumplings were something to write home about. I also found out you can buy frozen dumplings to take home - amazing. Barilla, I will be back.

Great for a delicious large shared meal with a group of friends, you’ll only ever end up paying roughly $7-10 each and you will end the night in the most satisfying food coma

I think that these are probably the best dumplings in Auckland. Reasonable amount of choice if you are vegetarian also.

Featuring time and time again on Metro cheap eats - this place offers exciting menu choices of dumplings as well as other Asian fare such as eggplant and stir fries

I LOVE Barilla Dumplings. So affordable and they do the best vegetarian dumplings in town #darkhorse

I popped in for a weekday lunch with friends and was very impressed. I tried the dumplings steamed and fried and both were delicious! I also tried an eggplant dish (which I've forgotten the name) and it was amazing! I highly recommend checking this place out for a great value meal. You can also order the dumplings for freezing and cooking at home which I will definitely be doing in the future!!