Bird barn and Pet store have the b est selection of birds in New Zealand and other animal products. Great quality products with great services. Top quality puppies, animals and great selection of cats and dogs. Fantastic destination for family day out.

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All Pet Supplies, Bird and Pet Accessories. Premium Pet Food. Quality NZ. grown bird seeds. Bird , Puppy & Fish Specialists.


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Amazing variety of birds, worth a visit

I love to go and look at all the animals. It's great if your feeling a little down, it's a feel good place.

Locally owned and great range of products.

best pet shop ever!!!

We take the kids there sometimes to look at the animals and most times walk out with bird seed for Nana's bird, food for Opa's turtles, or a toy for our cat. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and we always find them to be very helpful.

Actually popped in here on a rainy day and ended up spending hours just looking at all the animals. Cute puppies and birds that can talk!

This place is ful of bird experts! it is so nice being able to drop my bird off and not worry about her. They have a great location with plenty space for parking. Tgey also have a petstore which is great for any of you pet needs. I love bird bard because it is the only place like it in the area.

Comment by Rachel H.
I used to visit the bird barn pet shop all the time after school when I was younger! my grandpa would pick me up and we'd go look at all the animals there, I loved it :-)

I love that I can take my bird here when I go away and I know that she is in great jands. It is set out beautifully and is really easy to get to from the motorway. The staff are super friendly and knowledgable which is what you want when you leave a pe that is part of the family. So nice to have a place like this!

The whole family loves going to this store, lots of animals to see, always tempted to buy a puppy, maybe one day :-) Get everything you need for any pet you may have.

A bit late but I have just joined Localist NZ and I happened to see Bird Barn's raves.  Five years ago we bought two little puppies, brother and sister Miniature Schnauzers from Bird Barn.  We called them George and Mildred and every day without fail they have given us so much pleasure.  Their natures are beyond reproach, we took them to puppy school from when they were very young.  They are a pleasure to take out and socialise, with children, adults and other dogs with never a moment of agression.  We have recommended Bird Barn when people remark about what good attractive little dogs we have and we know of another couple who bought two little boy Schnauzers from Bird Barn and they too are very pleased with their little fur boys. Cathy