Yoga is not a religion or renunciation. It is for everyone, independent of age, beliefs, costumes or flexibility. It incorporates relaxation, breathing and energy components along with awareness of self – physically and mentally. When you practice Yoga you are aiming to integrate the body, mind and emotions to bring balance.

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Yoga will gently align the body, increase flexibility of joints and muscles, relax, relieve stress, focus on correct breathing, increase body awareness and energize.


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I really like the class because I did not only learn yoga but also about my body. It made me feel good and positive about myself and my body. Highly recommend it!

I've never done yoga before, but it's great, you feel relaxed and energised all at once.

I've always wanted to learn yoga and Paola is extremely easy going and helpful with an amazing amount of knowledge of the body - i love it and will definitely be a repeat customer - very comfortable environment

As a first timer, I was apprehensive but Paola was so accommodating. Her experience shows in her classes. She is really warm person so I felt at ease. The days afterwards I really felt like I was using the rest of my body, being more flexible due to the Yoga class.

Well instructed classes. Professionally taught. The teacher made sure that everyone was included, even the ones who were not that flexible as it was their first time doing yoga.

Best yoga teacher in town (5.0) Come and enjoy practicing Yoga in a safe and supportive environment. The instructor was professionally trained in London. 

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