Body Focus Pilates is a home based studio in Papakura, run by myself, Patricia O'Leary. Pilates focuses on core strength, as well as training the body as an integrated whole, including the breath & the mind. Pilates is designed to: Develop optimal core & stamina Improve posture, balance & coordination Increase flexibility & agility Create a stronger & more flexible spine Tone & build long lean muscles MAT CLASSES: Use a series of dynamic floor exercises as well as equipment for resistance. Introductory classes are for those who are new to Pilates or have limited experience. Progressive level classes follow on from introductory level. * Check out the timetable for available mat spaces in each class as well as times available for Private and Shared sessions* *PRIVATE (one on one) & SHARED SESSIONS (2 people): The most effective way to focus on your specific needs.These use a combination of Mat, Reformer & Cadillac, which access the weak or illusive areas of your body to fine tune your body alignment, muscle balance & strength.


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