Boogie Wonderland is worth the jaunt down the hustle and bustle of Courtenay, to discover this cute little gem. If you're wanting to be transported back to the good old 80's with some shiny disco balls, flashing lit up dance floors, staff on rollerskates and slide in booths, Boogie Wonderland is the place to go!


Price Range $$ – Reasonable: $8-$10 / $6-$7
Ambience Lively
Accepts credit cards Yes
Noise level Bustling
Licence This venue is licenced

Products and specialities

Nightclub, Bar, Alcoholic Beverages, Dancefloor, Retro


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Its been 4.5 years since I lived in welly and boogies was me and my 2 flatmates second home. Gotta love those few cougars and 19 yo sugarbabys I picked up here. I wih i was still in welly not some small country town whose only nightlife is a couple of hotels/taverns packed with bogan/wannabe gangsta low lives wanting to fight you, crackheads and small town prosties looking for clients.

I love the lack of sleazy young boys and crazy screaming girls twerking to every song that gets played and grinding up on anybody in sight in all those mainstream music clubs. I'm a 19year old girl and this club is just PURE FUN! Great music, classic songs you forgot you even knew and a great atmosphere of people who just wanna dance their bums off not dance their bums on someone.

I feel like I should defend myself for once having a good time here, but that feels like one of those things where because I feel like I should I definitely shouldn’t. If the music is your thing it’s great and the staff manage to be the least gross on Courtney Place and surrounding nightlife.

Revisit the biggest pop stars and beats of the 90’s at this groovy nightclub!

Boogie Wonderland is the place to go if you are in the mood to whip out those old school moves and dance the night away to songs from ABBA and Michael Jackson alike. With its light up disco floor and patrons often wearing flared pants it takes those old enough, back to their childhood dancing days

Meet the lads here for a bit of YMCA.

With their awesome bar that makes you feel like you're back in the '70's, the disco lights, the retro dance floor and upbeat music - this place is primo. A courtyard in the centre of Inferno, Alice and Boogie combines some of the coolest kids in town having a cheeky smoke or getting some fresh air after cutting some shapes on the d'flo.

One of my most favorite kiwi phrases has to be the question, "Are you keen for a boogie?" At Boogie Wonderland, you certainly will be. Located on Courtenay Place just next to Paramount Cinema, this club is dated-- in the best way. Boogie boasts at least seven disco balls, playing a constant stream of 70's music. While Boogie won't become a regular haunt for me, it is certainly reliable, and a lot of fun.

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