BurgerFuel is a New Zealand burger restaurant and franchise with 88 locations in six countries, including 54 locations in New Zealand.


Price Range Cheap & cheerful
Ambience Family friendly
Accepts credit cards Yes
Noise level Upbeat
Licence This venue is licenced, Alcohol free
Food Options Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal Food

Products and specialities

Gourmet Burgers, fries, sides, motobites and chicken fenders, frostbites, maltshakes, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options


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I absolutely love the yummy, smooth and tasty aioli sauce that comes with the spuds - and my family love it too. We never have any left over :)

My family and I love to come to Burger Fuel at Botany Downs if we have a craving for tasty burgers. We demolish the chips, especially the tasty kumera chips - yum!

Still my favorite burger of all time! Burnout is my choice!

Decided to try their Bio Fuel beef burger to see what the hype was all about. Have been avoiding Burger Fuel as I was a little dubious.  Burger was made in about 10 mins, and was hot. Taste overall was good, and the size was reasonable. The meat pattie was good and quite large too so was impressed. Overall good burger feed, will definitely go back but only when I feel like splurging a bit- their burgers are all $9.50+ EACH, not including the $4.50 small box of chips.

LOVE Burgerfuel and Botany is the local... I go here way too much. The menu has changed a tad but for the better so now you can get combos and kids meals if you just ask the staff. Snug inside with outdoor heaters making the place cosy and the sweet, sweet smell of bacon and patties frying. Try the Hamburgini with cheese if you're on a budget ($4.90) or the Bacon Backfire is AMAZING for a bit more. And the kumara fries are an absolute must have... salty and chewy and crunchy and slathered in that amazing aioli. YUUMMMM

Best place to get your burgerfix! Love the bacon backfire and the third pounder with cheese. Sometimes the service at the counter could be abit more cheerful and the music could make you deaf, not pleasant for the little ones...but other than that yummy food :-)

With beetroot being one of my worst veggies, BF have managed to make even beetroot taste so good in their Beetnik

Burger fuel consistently deliver great burgers.  I like the variety and even enjoy veggie options!  they are substantial, good qualityfresh  ingredients and very filling unlike many burger chains that are just plastic rubbish.

Reliable food and service, like other Burger Fuels around the city. Yum!