At 4am the King is king. There is other stuff on the menu but how can you go past their signature burger, The Whopper - whopping flavours, whopping size and fresh ingredients.

It all started in 1954 in the US of A and 50's style décor is a little hat tip to their humble beginnings. Now with BKs dotted all over the country it is your 4am late night snack or your road trip saviour. And if you ask nicely maybe they'll let you keep one of those paper crowns.

Products and specialities

Burgers, fries, takeaway, fast food, milk shakes


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I preferred j & ms over bk...hey is j n ms still goin

Burger King do a good burger. They also do good fries and drinks. Sure, they’re a chain, but they’re one of the better chains. Always good for a quick refuel, tasty as well.

No night on the town is complete without a visit to BK!