Butterfly Creek is a family-friendly attraction in Auckland, New Zealand. It offers a variety of exciting exhibits and activities for visitors of all ages. At Butterfly Creek, you can explore the butterfly house, Dinosaur Kingdom, saltwater crocodiles,...


Ambience Family friendly
Accepts credit cards Yes
Wheelchair access Yes
Smoking area Yes
Takes reservations Yes
Noise level Bustling
Children's play area Yes
Licence This venue is licenced
Coffee brand Altura
Specials Yes
Food Options Vegetarian
Off street parking Yes
Private functions Yes
Takeaways Yes

Products and specialities

Family attraction
Children's activities
Children's parties
Venue hire
Corporate functions


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this is a great place for young kids and adults. lovely range of butterflies and activities

Confession - we go here quite a lot. The kids love it and we like getting to chill with the petting zoo animals after a train ride and the thrill of checking out the crocs. We eat here ,aybe every second time and the food is always good. They do a great kids platter to share whihc has a selection of (kid sized portions) fruit, ham, cheese, crackers, slad and nibbly thing - my boys love it and eat it all up - it is the perfect sharing size and beats the hell out of the boring old kids 'fish and chips' etc deep fried stuff you normally get. I can recommend the corn fritters - although get them to share with someon because you get three giant ones and I always have to take 2 home. I woud say all of the meals are huge - the husband can naver finish what he gets - this time smoked chicken and bacon sandwich with salad - he took half of ithome for dinner. Coffees are always great and although they must do a massive turnover you can usually rely on the coffee not to be burned and the food to come out in good time. We usually get something from the counter too - this time it was a plum and (Something?) tart - delicious! although last time we got a carrot cake that was so dry it could have been a door sto - they get their cakes actered i think so the freshness of them is a bit of a gamble. They do a roaring trade in kids cupcakes and little biscuits though - lots of pink icing and lollies! We take people here a - especially if they have just arrived off a long flight and want something decent to eat and to stretch their legs - the kids can play and the grown ups get to eat something vaguely healthy and cuddle a bunny - good for the soul.

Butterfly Creek. “Home of the Crocs” the sign tells me. Also, presumably, home of the butterflies. It’s been a good five years since I’ve been to Butterfly Creek – when I first went there in the mid-00s it was the site of a butterfly house, a café and a reception venue. Since then, they’ve added the aforementioned crocodiles, a petting zoo, some kind of train-thing, and a bunch of EXTREME looking activities presumably designed to keep the manly men and teenage boys amused while the ladies do lady things like look at butterflies. The café at Butterfly Creek is a big, cafeteria-style space looking out over the property. With a few break-out spaces that can be used to parties, it’s a functional space that is also fairly pleasant. (Especially if you’re carting a bunch of small children around with you, because there’s plenty of space outside for them to run around and play while you finish your coffee.) Service is cafeteria-style – there’s a wide selection of counter food, as well as a menu featuring perennial classics like a big breakfast, eggs benedict, fish and chips, pancakes, but not a lot to challenge the palate. (Although, realistically, you’re probably not driving out to a crocodile/butterfly park by the airport to have your palate challenged.)

Had a nice day out with the fam bam. Food a lil pricey but yummy.

Really cool place to take the kids for a picnic and look at the animals.

Awesome day!  We got there late morning and they gave us a timetable of 'encounters' when we got our tickets so we didn't miss anything..  Butterfly house is HOT! and the beautiful butterflies land on you! Stay in there as long as you like. There's a smallish aquarium as well and a bugs bit with wetas, tarantulas etc. Crocodiles!  Two massive salties that they go in and 'encourage' during the encounters as well as teaching you all about them.  They also have baby alligators that they get out and you can see them right up close and touch them if you like.  Best for the littlie though was the farm barn.  Very tame baby rabbits that you get to hold and stroke for as long as you like, plus guinea pigs, a goat and more.  Have a wander round the mini farm (you can buy a bag of feed for the goats etc) or be pulled around it on the mini train.  We interrupted a coffee break for the tarantula encounter - the guy held it in his hand and you could sit right next to him while he told us all about it.  The wife declined to join us... You can stay all day and go in and out of the different bits as often as you like.  We brought a picnic, but there's a well-appointed restaurant as well. Apparently, the tarantula encounter is not compulsory.

Comment by jo B.
This place was great for my family, I have a 2yr old and also a 16yr old and they both had such a great time, spent the whole day there, best part was the croc show!!

The butterfly house was amazing. Really warm, so take water. Shame our camera died on the day, as it would have been nice to take pictures of the small one with the butterflies. Could spend hours watching them!! The farm was great too, nice to hold a baby rabbit. The train was OK, not the best, but the little one loved it.

Work here, but took friend and her 5 year old plus nephew for the day last week, food is great + well priced, kids were captivated by the croc show and loved the rabbits in the petting zoo.  Train was also a hit with the kids. 

It may be a little drive but with butterflies for the girls, spiders and crocodiles for the boys, then good food and a glass of wine for the adults Butterfly Creek is a wonderful place to go. I would also recommend it for events as I have heard so many great things about it!

Took my daughters here for one of their 3rd birthdays awesome place for little girls who love butterflies, and they absolutely loved the mini train but the combination of butterflies and crocodiles??? will definitely go again to try out their new rope climbing attraction :)