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If asked to recommend one dish on Cafe O's menu I couldn't decide. It would be a toss up between Golden Spiced Eggs and the Corn Cakes. Both are divine. And even better when combined with a freshly made juice and a short black. Don't venture to Ponsonby. Cafe O and Arch Hill have just as much to offer if you've wanting yummy Sunday brunch and leisurely stroll through a quirky heritage neighborhood. #MORtreat

Not surprising with pro caterer John Oyagawa doing the cooking the food is amazing. No brought in mass produced rubbish at this place. Quality food at a great price. 

We’d parked outside this place a couple of weeks ago, my daughter saw the swinging chair in the windows and had been nagging me to go since. So this weekend we went! We enjoyed a couple of tasty cakes a mocha and a fluffy. The cakes tasted and looked great, my daughters with a chocolate egg on top… the coffee also good service great with the offer of a second one to the table. The downside is the size of this place and how busy it is, we had almost finished when I took my daughter to the toilet, we came back and our table had new people sitting at it!! The staff were very apologetic and gave us a replacement cake :). Will be going back but when less busy!

One of my friends told me about Cafe O last week so I went and checked it out this week. I found the cafe very refreshing with lovely decor. The coffee was great and the food was really delicious and extremely reasonable. Definitely will head back as there is so much more on the menu that I am keen to try out. Very friendly stuff also. 

Tucked away on the ground floor of a newish apartment block, Cafe O's location doesn't seem immediately obvious, but all that seems irrelevant as soon as you slip inside this quiet designer oasis. The huge blackboard menu will make any foodie's eyes light up, with a huge range of interesting dishes spanning breakfast and lunch. I tried the 'corn cakes' and they turned out to be as delicious as they were beautifully presented. Served with avocado, crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes and relish, every mouthful was amazing. Coffee was served a delightful blue and white cup which matched the decor, and came with a heart shaped marshmallow. I'd say I've found my favourite new cafe and look forward to trying other things on their menu soon!

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