Established over 70 years ago in California, a young Carl N. Karcher launched the now legendary Carl’s Jr. brand. With a long standing history of serving premium quality hamburgers, Carl’s Jr. is known as the true representation of the “authentic American Hamburger.” Today there are more than 1,300 Carl’s Jr. restaurants worldwide.

Carl’s Jr hamburgers are made with 100% pure beef and are charbroiled, cooked on an open flame, sealing in the flavourful charbroiled tastes and delivering juicier hamburgers. Swing by Carl's Jr. in St Johns for a taste of burger magic today.


Ambience Lively
Accepts credit cards Yes
Wheelchair access Yes
Noise level Upbeat
Licence Alcohol free
Coffee brand Halo
Specials Yes
Food Options Vegetarian
Takeaways Yes

Products and specialities

Charboiled Burgers
Thick Burgers made with 100% Certified Angus Beef
Chicken Burgers
Chili Cheese Fries
Fish and Chips
Breakfast Menu with Coffee and Desserts
Fast Food


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Love the burgers. Huge and tasty. Staff friendly mostly. Place clean. Good experience. Regular customer

Carls Jnr has enormous burgers, but it's not just the burgers that makes this place. The service is outstanding. By the time you've placed your order and filled up your cup, your mean if pretty much waiting for you at your table. The fries are excellent, especially the cross cut ones, as are the chicken tenders. Favourite Burger: Thick Burger

one of our favourite treats

I've never had Carl's before reading about them on Localist so I decided to try them instead of my staple burger place on one Saturday night. I was extremely glad I did as the food here is great. Big, juicy, and packed with flavour is what I would use to describe their patties. Ask the guys at Carl's to throw in some Jalapenos and you have the makings of a great meal. Only wish they would come closer to the Shore so I won't need to come to Takanini for it :) Still, worth it!

Once you go to carl's jr you won't want to eat another fast food burger ever again! Highly recommend the cross cut fries 

Fantastic burgers and fries.  Friendly and efficient service.  Possibly my new favourite

Always tastes good and so much nicer than other takeaway places - great for a treat!

This was the first Carl's Jr in New Zealand and is by far the biggest. This place is huge and was crazy busy, so it was impossible to get a seat. The food was to be expected but a few items on the menu they had actually run out of, which was annoying. Despite how busy it was, the dining area was still pretty clean and tidy and staff were hand delivering food to customers who were standing around waiting. 

If you were to grab a burger from a fast food joint, you might as well do it right. Afterall, if fast food is bad for you and frowned upon by doctors and nutritionists, you should grab the "best" quality product on offer. Carl's Jr. opened shop here just less than a year ago, and certainly shook up the burger & fries scene. So far, their actual burgers are the closests to how they look on advertising posters and ads. No need to "Photoshop" up their product so they can sell better, because Carl's burgers are, "just the way it is". For today's pure indulgence pleasure, the Steakhouse Thickburger, with an Angus beef pattie, fried onion straws, crumbled blue cheese and A1 steak sauce, with fresh lettuce and tomato slices in a sesame seed bun. It tasted exactly like the ingredients listed, big, satisfying mouthfeel, certainly reminds you of being in a fancy steakhouse... only in a burger form. I also loved their fried zucchini, something different to the "me too" fries and onion rings, and hey, at least I am eating a serving of green vegetables right? Only deep fried and made better... Free drinks refill (which actually isn't the norm here in NZ), iced tea (again, not many places offer it here and just like the many places in the States I remembered), and a free sides bar with fresh onion/tomato salsa, gerkins, jalapeno slices, whole chilis and sliced beetroot, so you can customize your burger of choice even more... I always put a ton of jalapenos with mine everytime I visit. Service is excellent for a fast food burger joint, they actually bring your order out tableside so you don't have to wait by the counter. This should be the benchmark all other burger joints should aim for, move aside Burger Fuel (our local used-to-be the hip trendy semi-fast botique burger place, which have gone downhill since quality and price wise), and McDonalds/Burger King/Wendy's don't even compete on the same level. If you want a good honest burger for not a lot of money, make your way to Carl's Jr.

Nice burgers, tastes abit like burger king but just that little bit better. Was really busy, which is a good sign :-)