Cartridge World is one of the world’s largest dedicated specialty retailers of ink and toner printer cartridges.

Cartridge World specialises in refilling empty printer cartridges. By refilling and reusing your existing cartridge with new ink or toner, you’ll only pay around half the price of a new cartridge. You’ll never need to compromise on quality to realise these savings.

Cartridge World is the global leader in the industry of refilling cartridges, and only use high quality toner and ink as part of a re-manufacturing system that has withstood the test of time.

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Why pay full price for printer ink, I mean my little printer alone costs me about $112 each time.. and since the kids love to print off a lot of pretty pictures, this is quite often. So I got to Cartridge World where they refill my cartridges in a flash for a mere fraction of the price at $ 13 colour & $15 black.  what a saving!! Even better is they usually have some in stock so you don't even need to wait while they refill.