The first Casa Del Gelato store opened it's doors in 2007 in Ponsonby, fuelled with a passion to make authentic artisan gelato without any short cuts.

Today they have many stores around Auckland making delicious gelato that's made with only the freshest ingredients - Casa Del Gelato Birkenhead being one of these stores.

Their gelato is low in fat and comes in a wide range of mouth watering flavours that include pistachio, blood orange, lemon, French chocolate and more.

Products and specialities

Gelato, Sorbet, French Bread and Pastries


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Great little cafe, yummy orange cake, love the enthusiasm of new owner that brings grandma’s recipes  back to life.

Great coffee, yum ice cream and fantastic family operation. And a lovely view to boot!

Wow new management and awesome coffee, yummy gelato, and a cool atmosphere. Am excited about this place.

Gotta love an icecream with chunks, or a sorbet that melts in the mouth and tastes just like the flavour it's promised to be. Casa Del Gelato isn't cheap, but you'd spent $4 - $5 on a takeaway coffee, right? Well why not swap your coffee for an icecream and a wander round Birkenhead Wharf this summer. Probably more of an adult treat for those who appreciate the quality of the icecream rather than feeding a bunch of kids. Recommend you stop here on your way for a walk, to the ferry or just simply... because!

Nice ice cream but at $4 a scoop it’s on the pricey side. I love ice scream but sorry it’s hard to justify this place on a regular basis. I guess gourmet carries a premium these days.

This place is divine! Now we're in winter, it is probably selling more hot coffee and cakes than icy gelatos, but come summertime there will be more queues out the door once again. I went here with my husband on its opening night and had a delicious ice cream glass of 3 flavours in a tall sundae glass. Heavenly.

Great location on the corner, with easy parking outside library. Cool flavours like “ferrero rocher” and random choices like “yellow submarine”. Yummmm!