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These mechanics are awesome! Finally great to find honest mechanics, and a bonus so close to my work! I booked through a form on their website which was super convenient for me as I am so busy and emails are my most preferred way of contact during work. Happy to have my VW golf running like a dream again

Central Motoring have looked after me since 1995. Never had an issue, great service and delighted to hear Gary had sold the business to his son, who looked after me for the last 10 years. Just had another speedy, no hassle warrant today with extra, free advice

These guys were awesome. Been having trouble with my car for a year and have taken it to another mechanic four times with no luck. I left it with the guys at central motoring and they fixed it up in afternoon. Absolutely awesome.

garry and the team are very officent

Garry and his crew are an excellent example of what a workshop should be. They offer friendly and highly skilled repairs on almost any make and model of vehical that has 4 wheels and could probably fix JUST ABOUT ANYTHING! They are always helpful and will explain every detail of what your problem was and how they fixed it and how you could avoid it in the future. They can also work with you on getting you where you need to go and will have your car back to you in no time!!!

On the recommendation of a mate of mine I went to see Gary at Central Motoring to get my 1968 Valiant checked out.  I'd bought it sight unseen from Brightwater (by Nelson) on TradeMe, trusting what I was told by the original owner.  I was naturally delighted to find out that it actually is solid and sound, and drives well (or as well as a 44 year old car can drive).   Gary fixed a bunch of small things, and turned it all round quickly and efficiently, and let me know what needed to happen all the way through.  I was really happy with his work, and will definitely be back for more (but hopefully not too soon!).  

Took my 67 HR in for a warrant and once again it was all ok with no mystery problems. Trustworthy nice people.

I have taken my car to Gary and his team for years. I have driven VWs forever and they are a magnet for expensive parts. Gary does what he needs too, saves where he can and you don’t come away feeling ripped off. Great with the reminders for warrants etc too. Ask him about jeep off roading! And he probably won’t let a landrover in the place!!

I've got a 67 HR that was taking up to 5 minutes to get started in the morning. When I took my car in for its warrant, I asked Gary to fix it. I don't think it has ever driven better. Starts in a heartbeat, doesn't stall and seems to have a bit more toe too. I've recommended this place to loads of friends as they too are really happy.