Managing director Mirela Martinescu was tired of paying ridiculous prices for a coffee so decided to open up Coffix, proving that you can offer reasonably priced coffee without compromising on quality.
Selling fresh, slow roasted, fair trade coffees, there is never any extra charge for soy milk, decaf, syrups or other variations on your order.
At $2.50, locals are loving that extra cash in their pockets, and with a selection of cakes and slices at the same price, along with friendly and well trained staff, Mirela's kiosk is such a big hit that she is already looking at expanding elsewhere!

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Want a quick caffeine fix to jumpstart your morning? For $2.50 you can easily get a regular flat white from Coffix. Coffix is a coffee cart situated along Karangahape Road and they probably offer one of the cheapest coffee selection in this part of town. For half the price of what you usually pay for a cup, Coffix coffee uses quality grade Fair Trade beans and you won’t be charged for extras, such as soy milk, decaf, or syrup flavoring. It doesn't hurt that their baristas are pretty cool too.

i love their taste

Luv the coffee. Luv Daniel luv the service. Awsome

Love the cheapo price and the peeps are super friendly

What’s not to love about Coffix? Great coffee, great price and great people. Photo from their facebook page. Treat yourself and treat another. #cafetab

Good, cheap coffee at a convenient location.


Go Coffix! Decent coffee, friendly people, and holding a torch for the el cheapos like me on K Rd. A $2.50 for everything store is a great idea, and judging on the queues across the footpath in the mornings it'll be a great success.

The Localist team enjoyed a round of coffees from Coffix today - just had to try the coffee shop that is the talking point of Auckland for it's $2.50 coffees. To be honest, I was dubious but was pleasantly surprised by a very smooth latte. Not a strong coffee but definitely not with the bitterness you'd expect for the price. Will wait anxiously for a flat white price war to hit town.

What an amazing idea! Good coffee (including mochas) at a very fair price, I’ll keep going back.

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