Re-opening on the 1st August 2012 as ‘College Hill Tattoo’ to create a new approach on the classic buildings history as a reputable tattoo studio. Providing quality workmanship and service for every client from design to creation.

Staffed by competent and experienced artists, headed by Darryn, having over 18 years industry experience. Each artist has their own style and specialties allowing for a very broad spectrum of options and possibilities for almost anything that can be imagined and tattooed.

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Formerly known as Dermagraphic, College Hill Tattoo is one of Auckland’s oldest tattoo businesses and has seen many an internationally respected artist trained within its walls.

You cant go wrong with College Hill Tat (ex-Dermagraphic), awesome people and atmosphere and especially their artistry which is second to none. My first piece was done in the old Dermagraphics2 next to the prison and my second one was done by Darryn in 2001. Been going back ever since and due for a sleeve very soon. Highly recommended will trade again A++

I was lucky enough to get my very first tattoo done here by the late Phill Matthias and his legacy certainly lives on at the studio. I have returned since and the quality of the artistry and the standards the artists here hold themselves to is second to none. I believe that is the difference here - the people are artists first and foremost and love the medium of tattoo to showcase that art. They don't want to be doing Playboy bunny slag tags or ill thought out names and they make those coming to book think carefully about that. The studio itself is spotless and they are vigilant with hygiene so you can rest assured that your health is in good hands. Their manner is also a lot more professional than most shops - I have taken both my mum and my little brother (who would normally be quite intimidated in that environment) there to get work done and they were fabulous with both. I highly recommend Darryn as an artist but anyone that has managed to get a job there will be fantastic.