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These guys really fill my heart with hope. Such good artisan quality foods, quirky and innovative marketing, great sweets, amaing breads and generous pies! Lee and company are gracious and I always stock up when I go because the bread freezes really well and there's none better out west.. Thanks for the great baking!

This wee bakery has been a wonderful addition to Glen Eden. The best-value offering has to the the bread-and-butter slice - which is actually made from their amazing croissants and chocolate. It's a great size for the price, and can be sliced into smaller servings. I've been known to pick up a few to bring along to shared lunches or teas for a 'wow' contribution that doesn't break the bank.

Thanks for the amazing croissant this morning, Lee. Hubby stopped by yesterday while you were whipping up some of your amazing loaves of fresh bread and grabbed me a couple of my favourite pastries to eat on the run in the traffic with my coffee. This morning's drive to work was so much brighter because of their light, folded perfection!

I took on board the comments of Lynda L. and returned on Saturday to buy another of Lee's pies. The hubby and I road-tested a steak and cheese one, the same as mentioned in Lynda's comment. With black sesame seeds on top for crunch, the pastry was as flaky as I remembered it on my first visit, the meat was succulent and the tomato-based gravy was rich and generous. It wasn't an overload of cheese but I was more than happy with the light, fluffy fondue-like consistency and I stand by my original pie love. If you're after pie perfection out West, visit Lee and tell him I said hi!

This is one of my favourite pie stops in West Auckland because crafty, creative baker Lee makes some of the tastiest baked goods in the North Island. There's no nasties in the breads, pies and pastries that he bakes with love and the pies are good. They're so good in fact that words can't describe the absolute perfectness of a Crafty Baker pie. I love that they use meat from the local butcher (who is also one of my fave butchers) too. That's why I encourage everyone to seek out this hidden gem in Glen Eden.

Comment by lynda l.
Hi Kylie. Based on your recommendation I have just returned home from the Crafty Baker in Glen Eden with a Steak and Cheese Pie. Positives: For the size of the pie it is seriously filling. I’m a pie enthusiast but would have to stop at one. Heaps of meat, enjoyable pastry, love the fact that they source their materials locally and organically where possible-that’s a huge tick in my books. Negatives: No sauce! What pie has no rich sauce-like gravy? Cheese was non-existent although I did see something that resembled curdle under the pie lid. Meat was dry but that was to be expected as their was no fat on it. I would go back again to see if that was a one-off let down with the gravy or that’s just how the pie is. So my question to you would be how does this pie qualify as “absolute perfectness” as mentioned above in your eyes, curious to know.

The sweet treats tastes amazing, the sour dough loaves are something else, and everyone behind the counter is always super friendly and nice.

Best Hot Cross Buns in Town!!!!

Awesome Quality Food!

Crafty Baker make great breads and cakes. The owners are also very nice people. They use high quality ingredients and their prices are good for the quality provided - its not as cheap as your typical local "Bakery" but the products are in a different league. I love all their breads and especially the baguettes - nothing better than a Crafty Baker's baguette, some matured cheese, Branston pickle, mayo and salad.

Every time I walk through the hanging blue and silver chains - just one of the many cool features of this shop’s retro fit-out - the smell of freshly baked bread literally transports back to my grandma’s kitchen. That’s because this bakery is all about good food and crafting delicious mouth-watering goods in the most traditional way. Run by the friendly Crafty Baker and his wife, the organic butter is churned on site and they use free-range meat and eggs. I feel so lucky that these two have chosen to showcase their talents in my hood and if I drive past and they are open then I always stop for a loaf of bread. The Crafty Baker’s notoriety is already spreading fast amongst West Auckland locals so it’s best to get there early to avoid disappointment because, at $6.50 a loaf, they sell out of their artisan bread quick. I also have it on good authority from my step-dad that the pies are very good and if I had to recommend just one slice, it would be their salted caramel creation. No words can really express how heavenly the slightly salty yet perfectly sweet caramel tastes.