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Lovely service from knowledgeable folks. Coffee is good and sweets are even better. Love to hear the Swedish accent from the dreamy owner, too.

Great coffee and friendly, chatty, knowledgeable staff. Wonderful chocolates and great food. I’m working my way through the cabinet food - Oats balls, coffee balls, pear and ginger tart, amaretto burgers and paleo chocolate brownies. Best of all I can walk there from work - it’s my local and now they are making icecream. Loved the salted licorice and can’t wait to try other flavours.

Great coffee always accompanied by a delicious biscotti, friendly knowledgeable service and the possibility of a coffee or oat ball - not to mention those divine almond croissants. I'm working my way through the cabinet!!

Simply divine!!! Must try for chocolate and pastry lovers.

This knows his chocolate!!! Simply divine!

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