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Only 2ins from CBD this kennel has a fab rural feel. It is clean and the staff are awesome. We have a dog which needs daily meds and it is no issue here. You can book private rooms and extra exercise. We trust them and get back happy pets every time!

Critter Creek used to look after my old dog whenever we went away. This dog had a bit of separation anxiety and therefore hated being sent there. The staff however were excellent in dealing with crazy dog. The staff were so obviously good with dogs - managing to get him into that kennel was challenge enough. When he got over the barking and crying I am sure that he had a good time with them. They make sure that your dog is getting adequate exercise (and for a border collie like mine that was no easy job) and ensured that you got a full report on his behaviour on your return. They were also good enough to include grooming as part of their service so he would come home clean and fluffy - bonus as it was impossible to give him a bath at home without the help of 3 people.