The core of what we do here at CFEA is to help you recognise and face your challenges and ensure your success. Whether your challenge is related to training, nutrition or lifestyle, our environment via CrossFit methodology and community will help motiv...

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On-ramp course for beginners, personal training, group fitness classes, speciality seminars, nutritional advice suitable for all ages, indoor training facilities, rehabilitation services, Paleo meals.


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CFEA is one of many crossfit 'boxes' that exist in Auckland. Crossfit is not a gym membership; it is literally a lifestyle. It helps improve motivation, determination, self-efficacy, healthier dieting, a stronger body (in all functional aspects!) and provides a great sense of community and friendship. I started Crossfit last year in November, and I came in with expectations of something way out of my league and very scary! However, Crossfit is all about the individual, and everything you do can be modified by proffessional coaches to fit you perfectly; being an injury, a preference, or other interference. All workouts are scaled so anyone can enjoy working hard and feeling the benefits of becoming a functional, powerful human being! For more info on Crossfit, I reccomend checking out the 'paleo' and 'primal' diet, as that is part of the lifestyle crossfit employs. Eat natural, move natural, lift natural! Check out crossfit and give it a go, i guarantee whole-heartedly you will be very surprised. In a good way!  

Super friendly, wickedly helpful and really knowledgeable staff with a true passion for what they do. The On Ramp course is well worth the money, and although tough is just the challenge you need to kick start your fitness. I've tried boot camps etc in the past but this is learning the techniques in a supportive and fun environment. Totally worth it!  

Having had no knowledge of what crossfit was all about, I signed myself up to an On-Ramp beginners course for 4 weeks and have recently just finished and joined the big boys class. Aaron is a fantastic coach who steps you through all the simple techniques and exercises so no matter what fitness level you are in currently, you can definitely start somewhere and improve from there. I'd highly recommend to book in for a free trial class on Saturdays at 8:30am to find out what the craze is all about!