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I often hit up Cuba Kebab when I can't be bothered cooking on a week night, because a $10 medium chicken and falafel leaves me completely satisfied and takes about a quarter of the time it'd take me to make something half as filling at home. The service is ....... somewhat perfunctory, but when you're in a rush, and you've got a craving for a kebab, this is the best spot in the Cuba area.

Cuba Kebabs has the best vegetarian kebabs in the world (I think anyway), the falafel and mujva is the best thing ever and it is the first place I go to ever time I'm back in Wellington and if they could be sent to Auckland I would definitely pay to get one sent here. If i could get the mujva recipe I would be in heaven, no other place does them.

Yummmm as food. Go here

Nowhere near as gratifying as visiting at 3am but not bad