Al Falaah Islamic Centre opened back in 2006 under the Leadership of Dr. Habib Rahman.

The current Chairman of the Trust is Haji Raffiq Mohammed.
It has grown over the years with Brothers & Sisters from Fiji, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Iraq, Bangladesh, Malaysia, China, Afghanistan etc....

Imam of the Centre is Sheik Riaz Ali and can be contacted on 021 0254 1619 for the hiring of the facility or if you have any questions as well.

Other Contacts:
Chairman: Haji Raffiq Mohammed 0272800977
Secretary: Haji Mohammed Shafi Uddin 021673314
A.Secretary: Imtiyaz Mack Khan 021786545

Products and specialities

5 Daily Prayers
Jummah Salaah (2 Sessions)
Chidren's Classes
Youth Programmes (Mondays)
Sports (Sundays)
Monthly Lectures

The Youth of the Centre formed Botany Muslim Sports Club in November, 2013


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