Showcase Jewellers was formed in 1981 when a small group of independent jeweller stores decided to form a buying group to leverage their purchasing power with suppliers. Showcase Jewellers are qualified jewellers in the areas of diamond jewellery, gem...


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The title is actually a part of their advertising and happens to be apt. They stock an assortment of fine jewellery at prices which aren’t ludicrous. They are able and willing to take on commissions for custom work to be done and have an onsite Jeweller, which is nice as you can have a chat to the person before handing over your personal treasures. The store is open and bright and they even have a box of toys (plastc and lego) to keep the littl’uns (or fidgety significant other) busy while mummy looks for something sparkly. Interestingly they have a facebook page so you can stay up to date with the new arrivals in store. Definitely worth checking out for special occasion gifts, or when you want to splurge a little!