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Delicious baked rice - recommend pork chop with tomato sauce.

You will find out yum cha is not the only cuisine from Hong Kong. Dragon's gourmet has the most beautiful Hong Kong cuisine including the local drink and dishes.  Before you order the main food, you should look at the small dishes first. The truth is all the small dishes in the menu is very very yummy, such as prawn salad, mussels and fish ball ect.  They have star before the food name which is highly recommended. And I suggested you can try the recommended food if you first visit there.  The price of the food is reasonable. The restaurant is clean, tidy and neat  The Epsom location is good, you can find the car park around that place easily. 

Anyone who's been to Hong Kong will know Cantonese food isn't just about yum cha - there's a huge raft of semi-Western cuisine of the 'tea cafe' variety, brought about by the British during its time as a colony. Drink-wise, you can't go past a super-strong HK style milk tea made with evaporated milk. For the more adventurous there's the 'tea-based coffee', basically a mix of tea & coffee - another classic Canton invention. Food-wise, there's a huge range to choose from. To experience a traditional HK afternoon tea, order the deep fried French toast and slather it with butter and syrup. For lunch or dinner, my pick is the half-tomato, half-white sauce baked pork cutlet on rice, another long standing favourite. And don't worry, there's plenty of pretty well translated English on all the menus, so you can't really go wrong.