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Been at it with D.R.I.L.L pretty much all year now, and my I only regret is that I didn't find D.R.I.L.L sooner. Fantastic training sessions, that are varied, fun, challenging, and only 45mins. We're doing them 4 mornings a week now and are having amazing results  in our physical appearance, fitness & all round well being... Keep do your thing Andrew! (D.R.I.L.L Guru)

Comment by Andrew W.
Thanks Cam,..Keep up the great training!! :-)

Who knew that you can have fun while doing exercise!!  After 18 months with D.R.I.L.L  I still look forward to the getting up and starting the day the best possible way. I have seen my whole body tone up and made some great friends in the process. Thank you Andrew for making me feel comfortable when I was new to D.R.I.L.L and of course thank you for pushing me a year and half later so I can keep feeling great  :)

:o) Great group of people, inspiring PT (well, sometimes) and always a great coffee afterwards with the 'crew'.......Always a great workout.......  :o)

Comment by Daviin G.
Nice workout dear. I am agreed that it is good to do workout regularly and its a best way to start s weekend. Keep doing exercise.

When I first joined D.R.I.L.L I was hesitant about the early morning starts but since starting I've found myself full of energy for the rest of the day and it makes you feel really good about yourself. Heaps of fun and a great way to meet new people. Highly recommend!

D.R.I.L.L. runs a great bootcamp class at my local park (Marlborough Park, Hillcrest). There's nothing quite like being out in the fresh predawn air. It's a great way to get fit!

I couldn't even run around the field when I started D.R.I.L.L. now I actually teach a learn to run clinic. Amazing results, amazing people, amazing motivation.... I LOVE IT! I'd recommend this bootcamp to anyone, no matter what your fitness level. There's no attitude, there's only support and some great people to make friends with. I've since moved overseas and haven't found anything else like it. Every time I work out on my own I miss D.R.I.L.L. I don't know if Andrew knows the impact that he and his bootcamp had on me, but now I'm here to tell it to everyone. Give it a go, you won't regret it!

Comment by Karen T.
Do you have to be super fit to do this boot camp?
Comment by Angela B.
Nope, I started out with very minimal fitness and was fine.
Comment by Andrew W.
That's right, all fitness levels welcome. :)