This is the home of Dunkin' Donuts in New Zealand. With stores in Auckland and Hamilton.


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What a truly delicious donut, one could never miss having it, along with a hot cup of coffee. Best donuts ever!

We used the voucher and got two delicious tasting donuts along with our medium sized hot chocolates. I got one chocolate frosted and a boston kreme. Both were absolutely amazing and totally loved by all.

If you have a sweet tooth, you'll not ever want to miss the best tasting donuts in town. I truly love the donuts as its so fresh, soft and tastes so great. I often pick up a box of donuts while heading back home, and everyone truly loves it.

Everytime, I pass Dunkin' Donuts on queen street, I'll pick up some to take back home. They have an amazing wide range of flavours to choose from. My grandmother and I always enjoy having the donuts as dessert after our dinner. We truly love the boston kreme and Bavarian kreme.

Awesome yummy doughnut! Love their milkskake too

We've tried all the donuts, specially the chocolate glazed and the double chocolate ones are the favourites. They never disappoint us and the flavours have been constant over the years. They also have some really good specials and a must try for anyone with a sweet tooth.

I like that they have uni/school student specials at this branch, like free upgrade on hot drinks which is awesome if you need a quick coffee fix in the morning. The donuts are also yummy here, although getting a little pricey with a price increase every so often. I also like their cold drinks, like the mango frozen coolatta . 

Ordered a pack of donuts, which were truly delicious. The lady who served us was very friendly and helpful. She suggested various flavours and they all tasted truly AWESOME. 

My boss is obsessed with Dunkin' Donuts. Whenever he's away from work he always brings back 3 large boxes of Donuts. I'm not exactly sure why its always donuts but the entire work crew never complains. I tend to go for your classic sugar sprinkle donuts, I find any other flavours too much of a sugar rush!

Everyone who lives outside of Auckland is jealous of Dunkin' Donuts (the queue at the cart at the airport is proof of that!). It is so hard to walk up Queen Street some days without stopping to grab a few donuts to take with you. The filled ones are the best and the bite sized versions make you feel you can eat a few different ones without guilt!

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