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Choosing a daycare is such a huge decision, but from the very moment we walked into Early Years Pharazyn Street, we knew it was the one. There's such a lovely family environment, with staff who really care and focus on each child's interests. We're confident that it's given Molly a fantastic head-start for school both with pre-school learning and social skills. When the time came for daycare for Tom, we happily enrolled him for the babies room. He literally adores it, and has a big smile on his face every day on the way to daycare. He's supported and loved and it gives us such peace of mind knowing he's happy with people who really care when I'm working. Both our kids are happy and confident and we are grateful for the role that Early Years Pharazyn Street has played in that. We'd happily recommend Early Years Pharazyn to anyone wanting a family environment for their kids supported by a fantastic learning programme - whether they're for a pre-schooler or a baby.

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