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Neat little place with good instructors and facilities

bikram mmm

I have been going to East West for a few years now and I absolutely love it! There have been so many welcomed changes in the past few years, new types of classes added, new flooring, new teachers - the list goes on! #gohealthynz

Went for my first session as a visitor to Auckland and it was certainly a challenge, but I felt great afterwards! The teacher was very helpful throughout the first class and made me feel OK about stepping aside for harder movements.

A great place to sweat you sins! I love coming here and sweating it all out. It is full on and sometimes even staying in the room is a challenge. You’ll get addicted to coconut juice attending these classes!

Challenging,great work out! Friendly atmosphere

East West is my choice for hot yoga. Definitely for the hardcore, but the instructors really help and push you to reach your limits. 

Im a reasonably fit and active person, but I have found Bikrham so challenging its literally pushing me to  a place I didn't know I could get to.  I am right now in the middle of my own 30 day Bikrham challenge. Some days are a real struggle, but I feel like its such an achievement to get through each class. Yes they are long, yes it is hot, and yes it is difficult, But after 8 days straight of yoga, I can feel my flexibility and strength have improved greatly. Here's hoping after my 30 days, I will also look as amazing as I feel.  The staff alternate between both Newmarket and Ponsonby so its consistent at both

Great friendly staff that remember your name and give you extra advice and help when you are new :) first time at bikram and I’ll definitely be back!

Never have i sweated so much in my entire life. Such a tranquil setting, great team of staff. new years resolution is to get to more of those early morning sessions!