Starting in 2001 as a hole-in-the-wall burger joint, this is the place people queue to end their night in Queenstown because Fergburger is legendary.

People from all over the world have dubbed this the best burger ever and, judging by the crowds that flock there every night, popular opinion supports this fact.

Open 21 hours a day, this place is all about the service and the atmosphere but most importantly the burgers. You'll never be disappointed!

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BEST BURGERS IN THE COUNTRY. Full stop, end of conversation, if you disagree you're wrong and you should go home. My favourite has to be the Sweet Bambi (awesome name), which is a deer burger with sweet Thai chutney smothered over the juicy patty. Yes you just read that right. Be prepared for a wait though 'cause everyone knows that Ferg has it going on - so there's always a queue down the road. My tip would be to go late after a big night, when it's a little quieter as nothing cures the soul and stomach better after a night of debauchery.

If you’re a vegetarian and craving a burger then there’s only one place to go in Queenstown … the world famous Fergberg! Their burgers can be made vegan too!

One of the best burger in the world. I love the venison burger. They might have the longest queue in the burger industry, so order via phone is your best bet.

Nice vegetarian burger :)

Hailed the 'best burger joint in the world' by CNN in early 2014, Fergburger continues to smash out awesomely good burgers at most hours of the day and night. In fact, so popular is this burger bar that overseas visitors have likened to stopping for a Fergburger in Queenstown as much of a compulsory experience as visiting the Eiffel Tower when you're in Paris. A cheeseburger lover from way back, I can't go past the Double Ferg with Brie because it's lip-smackingly, mouth-meltingly good. Thanks for taking Kiwi burgers to the world, Fergburger. You rock!

A must when you visit Queenstown. Their beef burger pattie is the BOMB!

World famous in New Zealand, Fergburger is seriously good. The line may stretch way outside the door from morning until tonight here, but the wait is worth it.

The onion rings are ace and the burgers are tasty. Hand made goodness for carnivores

For many people when they visit Queenstown, one of the the main things they say you have to you've got to visit Fergburger and try one of their burgers.  This place is almost like a cult movie.... unique and different to anything else you have tried.  I mean a burger's a burger is it not?  Well if you rated places by queues, then this place has queues from dawn till dawn (well almost and this could put you off visiting) but there is a reason....the burgers here are UNBELIEVABLE!  On my first visit I had Chief Wiggum burger which consisted of pork belly, lettuce, tomato, hash brown, aioli and apricot seeded mustard. That can't be classified as a burger right!? But it was divine, irresistible and seriously filling. Not one word was not said till every last mouthfull had been devoured. I returned pretty much everyday going through the menu list like a millionaire in a sports car showroom... each one on par to the next.