Gengy's originates from the infamous warrior Genghis Khan who invaded and conquered with his band of warriors. After winning the battles they would feast around a roaring fire with discovered meats, spices and vegetables.

Gengy's has taken aspects of Genghis Khans eating celebrations and given it a more modern- cleaner twist. Retaining the roaring fire, you create your own dining experience and let the professional chefs cook it in front of your eyes, without having to worry or wage war on restless family members picky eating habits! Create your own feast and eat like the champion you are.

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All You Can Eat, Buffet, Open Kitchen, Smiling Chefs.


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My kids and I love eating here!


The buffet has over 3 different meats perfect for fussy foodies!

Gengy's has just renovated their restaurant and is now on Great South Road. Always fun to select your food and get it cooked in front of you.

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