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The challenge and camaraderie that is born of battling against friends and loved-ones in healthy competition. Lights, lasers and laughter together as you shuffle from Tag to Tenpin to Mini-golf in a matter of moments.

Took our nieces here the other week and alough they really loved the glow in the dark part the course was took hard. Well when I say that the part right were the holes were went up and if you hit it too hard your ball would go over the edge and roll back down again. Both the nieces and ourselves were getting frustrated with it. Thats not how mini golf is supposed to be...its supposed to be fun. I read a comment on their FB page about how they werent allowed to drill holes in the floors. Thats fair enough but why didnt you think about rasing the whole course so that the hole would be at the same level as the greens? Its stupid how they are like a volcano where the holes are it makes it too difficult for the kids to get in the holes. heck it wasnt exactly easy for us either. Also noticed that quite a few of the easier games for the kids were out of order. And there arent that many games for girls as such. The staff that were there looked bored (there were about 3 of them) and the place wasnt even full at all. They seemed so bored they were playing pool themselves. Dont think I would recommend it to anyone else and we wont be going back.

The general atmosphere and setup of Glo'Zone is relatively impressive, however the complex has a number of flaws. Firstly in the mini golf...every single hole has the physical hole(cup) on a small hill making it very difficult..surely some variety with this would be better! Secondly the mirror maze lacks difficulty and imagination.  Thirdly we had 2 arcade machines give us problems...one simply broke down on us and the other jammed our tokens so couldn't be used.  On a plus note the laser frenzy was quite a fun challenge! All up very mediocre and won't be going back, nor will we recommend to others.