Goat Island. Goat Island Camping. Dive and swim, camp. The Goat Island Marine Reserve just North of Auckland. Goat Island Campground. Camping in tents, camper vans. Cabins for rent, caravans for rent. Self contained accommodation.


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Okay, I have to confess I live on the west coast so in the summer I get to go to the beach every day. It can make it hard to find a camping spot that’s worth packing the car for a quick weekend away but my friends and I take a roadie up to Goat Island Camping and Accommodation once a year in February for a classic east coast Kiwi camping experience. I love this campground - it is everything that camping in New Zealand should be about. There’s a little general store, a common area where you can met and conversate with passing travellers and a firepit where you can take your bottle of wine at night and get to know your fellow campers. And no matter how busy it gets, there’s always a little place under the pine trees where you can tuck away to get some privacy. Plus, Goat Island Marine Reserve is one of the busiest summer destinations for snorkelling and sea kayaking but if you are staying in the campground, there’s no argy bargy for a precious carpark. You just strap your fins to your back, pack up your snorkelling mask and head down in the morning for a quiet snorkel with the whole place to yourself. My top tip is to stay out of the heat of the sun during midday by planning to hit the beach in the early morning and at dusk when it is at its least busiest. This campground also has the most divine little A-frame cabins, which are perfect for a romantic retreat. I love this place so much I wish I hadn’t let the cat out of the camping canvas, so to speak. It’s a hidden gem and you need to try it!

very good kitchen and cabins , nice shower complex . But some times the fact that the camping ground is right next ot a hot spot any short falls in facilities vanish . Particularly when the camp ground is right next to one of the best marine reserves and one of the most accessible reserves in New Zealand .  I do feel though that camp grounds could have signs advising against diving beyond to depths beond ones capabilities in the marine reserve . Its one of the things I think of constantly when I see tourists heading off for a days diving when I stay at the camping ground . Good one Goat Island . Camping and accomodation .

A group of us stayed here in Kits cabin and we had a blast. The staff were so friendly, the facilities were most often clean and the kitchens were fully equipped so we didn't need to take anything with us for that reason.  I also particularly like the open fire where you can sit around with dinner and sing songs together. Fun all around! 

Friendly staff and a laid back atmosphere for all ages. A little lacking in shower facilities but,the common rooms and kitchens are some of the best i have encountered. Definitely a good trip!