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With the security guard on the door, I was sure I would be recognised as an imposter as I approached the store. Could he tell my coat was from The Warehouse, my shoes from Number One?  This was a first, the chance to experience and see for myself what the rich and famous spend there money on.  Was I impressed ? If you've got money then good on you, go and spend where you are most comfortable, for me I'm heading back to South Auckland I know where to shop there!

Comment by Rowena J.
Haha thats exactly how i feel never been in never will
Comment by Sarah W.
My friend used to work here and was surprised at how casually dressed some of her wealthiest customers were. Being from Paris, she wasn't used to the relaxed attitude us Kiwis have when it comes to fashion (even the rich ones). Just goes to show, you can't judge a book by it's cover, especially here!